Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Z-Ro Album: Hug Motivation 101 - Lets Get It

Not the new Lauryn Hill album

The new Z-Ro album ‘Crack’ - pretty good. Don’t sleep. Hop over to Suckapunk for a real review.

FYI, Z-Ro stans, don't be distraught by album reviews that talk abt Crack being 'upbeat'. Dude still raps like he needs a hug. "I smoke purple stuff alone in my room" certainly ain’t no 'Chicken Soup for the Gangsta Soul' ifyknowwhatImean. WHAT? You were expecting him to finally shake off the profound sorrow ingrained in his psyche? As if. At this point, I think we can safely bet tht even his rendition of 'Happy Birthday' will channel utter despair and disappointment. Shame on you, World – Look what you did to him!

Anyways, please support this man and give this record a shot, or Rap-A-Lot might never release his highly anticipated Christmas album "Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell (My Life is Hell)." If the leaked street singles 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Crack Aint Cool Remix)', 'Christ-mas (you test me?)' featuring DMX, and 'White Christmas (Let it Snow, Maaaan)' featuring Young Jeezy, are any indication, this might be the crossover record that finally catapults Z-Ro into mainstream rap stardom.

But until then. Z-Ro's Crack. In Stores Now.
Sample the Infinite Sadness.


Jordan said...
Z-Ro's Anthem?

Jay (d)eff Kay said...

Yessss! Nice pick, dude. Now tht song wont get out of my head.Damn you! I believe you just earned yourself a spot as the soundtrack composer for Z-Ro's biopic

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

"'Christ-mas (you test me?)' featuring DMX"

back in '97-99, i would say that X would come with his own split personality, depression rap style. it could be, erm, great.

Jay (d)eff Kay said...

the great.. depression huh jesus. agreed. an actual z-ro feat. dmx track would be an interesting feature - the saddest featuring the maddest. but w/ the hot crack-fueled mess that x is in right now, we're probably more likely to see a dmx featuring the voices in his head schizo-collabo. jeez, how far they fall. i remember actually being excited when i heard 'its dark and hell is hot'. did you read jeff weiss' recent interview with blu - where blu states that dmx made him want to "start rapping" ? so weird to hear that in '08