Friday, September 26, 2008

Pretty Politricks - The Sarah Palin Chronicles

Big Pimpin'

So apparently everyone's still talking abt McCain's VP nominee Sarah Palin. So ok yeah she's kinda of a looker and bit of a sassmouth. But lets not get carried away here media, she ain't no Joan Holloway (Pssssh You wish). Anyways with all the media frenzy around her, I'm very disappointed tht nobody picked up on a certain nugget of info presented in tht recent TIME mag article on her.

Granted, this sentence was buried deep within a long article, but still dukes, no excuse. From the 2nd page of the TIME article on Sarah Palin, "Call of the Wild"
"The Mayor of the Matanuska –Susitna Borough - an area the size of West Virginia that includes Wasilla – is a one armed dentist and pilot named Curt Menard. He and his family have known the Palins for decades….." yada yada yada. The article then just goes ahead, full steam, for abt 4 or 5 pages discussing her reputation in Alaska.

Wowowowwow. In case you missed it partypeople, lemme rewind that sentence back one more time. Onearmeddentistandpilot wicca wicca . Now drop the beat. *violent record scratch* LIKE WTF? Why does nobody screeeeeech their sudden brakes for a sentence that contains the phrase "one armed dentist and pilot" ??? I mean, SHEEEEEEEIIIIT (Word to Senator Davis). Whts more likely to instantly give you involuntary bowel movement – being on a plane driven by a one armed pilot or having your tooth taken out by a one armed dentist? Jeeeesus, take the wheel. Please. How gangsta IS Alaska? Its no wonder why Palin and her peeps connect with a war veteran like McCain. Duuuuuude, they've lived with a one armed dentist/pilot/mayor. Whatchuknowabout multi-tasking with one hand? Single handedly leading your community?

People need to ease up and disregard her lack of experience. She clearly makes up for it with an abundance of gangsta. You already know tht, despite having a kid with Down syndrome, she drastically cut funding for kids with special needs in Alaska . Damn (might have been) Miss Alaska, that's cold. I just picture her going up to her kid and going "No handouts for you, retard. This is Alaska, Bitch." LOL-ercoaster to Nowhere.

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