Friday, October 3, 2008

Loop Digga on the Loose

This Guy

Go! – Madlib featuring Guilty Simpson

A no-frills head nodder from the new Madlib record, 'WLIB AM: King of the Wig Flip'. I like it when Madlib reigns in his tree-smokin', envelope-pushin', horizon-rippin', space hop schtick and just gets straight down to business. Although he does have a reputation for making entire albums that tinker with abstract sounds and ideas, most of his records have at least a few heat rocks that are relatively linear and 'normal' .
As if he's reminding folks just how effortlessly he can cook up run-of-the-mill bangers. And how easily he could’ve switched his style up for a shot at fortune and fame. An 'AyoIgotthis-itsnuffin' to the naysayers, if you will.

I'm not gonna talk abt whether 'Go!' (with its 'Get your pistols/Launch your missiles/ Settle your issues/ I gotta feeling somebody's gonna die tonight' chorus) is on McCain's 'Grand Daddy Yankee' muxtape. But yes, you can!

Moving on.

In his 2nd verse on "Go", Guilty Simpson goes "You want lyrics? Try these fam / You a joke like Black Man, White Man & Chinese Man." Sure, you could say that last line’s meant to be a punchline, alluding to the 'a __ man, a ___man & and a ___enter a bar' joke template. But could it be something more? Is Guilty spitting racial commentary? Maybe as Obama's rising star continues to force American society to openly discuss its feelings about race in the 21st century, Guilty is commenting about the pointlessness of rigid racial definitions. Or, on the flipside, maybe Guilty is tooooootally racist and literally thinks whites, blacks and the chinese are a joke. (Latinos, Indians, and other miscellaneous Asians get a pass for undisclosed reasons). So: Guilty Simpson – Blatant racist? I certainly have no problems implying that... on the internet.

Anywho, more grimy raps over Madlib beats please.

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