Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Say No to Ear Dildos

White Supremacy

Another blast from recent Facebook past - I think it warrants a re-up since my complaints and concerns remain unsettled:

Pssst just between me and you, I really don't like earbuds. I know you might have seen me out with earbuds but that really dont mean shit. I mean it's not like I DESPISE earbuds, but I really dont like it either. I mean, a couple of years back if you'd asked me if I'd ever pick up a pair of earbuds, I'd be like "WTF?? DO I LOOK LIKE A BULIMIC HOOKER?!" But yknow, as we get older and lazier, I guess eventually we all stop being idealistic and decide to settle for something satisfactory. Compromises, concessions yada yada. Welcome to the World of Whatever. Population- Us.

But last week, while listening to a totally sah-weet J Dilla compilation, it hit me (Man you KNOW how hard his drums thump, right? Immediacy baby, it's a beautiful thing!) : I cannot stand these skinny, disposable earbuds, I need me some good headphones.

So I've decided to post a note to remind myself why:

1stly, My earbud strands, are denoted with an 'r' and 'l' respectively. I'm assuming this stands for right and left …which raises the age-old metaphysical question: whaaaa?? I mean they look the same, so umm what the point of this denotation? Either they assume I'm retarded (fair enough) or they think tht one of my ears is grotesquely different from the other and have as such, designed separate earbud strands for each one of my freakazoid ears. Eitherways, I resent it.

2ndly, These earbuds really aren't any fun. I mean..headphones hug you warmly before hitting you with that sweet sweet sound, but earbuds don't get down with that sorta foreplay – just straight up, muscle-spread, ear rape. No means no!

So there you go peoples, go get yourself some headphones. Its almost summer! Fuck buds, get head. You deserve it.


sexleksaker said...

Vet inte riktigt vad jag ska tycka om sexleksaker ...

Jay (d)eff Kay said...

ohmigod iz zeez vaat i get fer titling my post wit de werd 'dildo'?