Monday, October 20, 2008

What's Beef? Politics as Usual

Joe the Plumber vs. Bob the Builder

Election Coverage. When Caricatures Collide. Place your bets and pick a side.

If you can spot the difference, that is.

Also, in case you missed it: Post the final presidential election debate, the roast at the Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner. Surprisingly hilarious. Mud Slinging in a malice-free environment? Soo necessary.

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Jay (d)eff Kay said...

Update: So few days after I wrote this and posted my photshopped joe vs bob the builder image, an actual tito the builder popped up in the headlines. and then, the oct 29th episode of the daily show made a bob the builder joke in relation to the tito story. I just wanna say I called it first. and although nobody from the daily show reads this blog, I'd like to receive credit and compensation for this. Don't worry though, just send me your finest bottle of fruitopia and a Twizzlers party pack and I'm good. That is all.