Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mindfuck Manifesto: Pregnant Man

Who is your daddy & what does he do?

Caveat: This is a barely-edited, think out loud post. Effort is for amateurs. Tell ‘em, Dedication 3.

This story dropped a few weeks ago, so you're probably familiar with it - It’s the
man gets pregnant story of 08. I'm assuming it got heavy burn all across hungry news networks around the globe. Call me a schizo if you must, but I think the streets is talking. As per usual though, I’m slightly miffed that they’re missing the finer details. Everyone’s obviously just absorbing the superficial wow factor in well, a man getting pregnant. Many of you probably dismissed the story coz these Junior-type urban legends seem to get unravelled as hoaxes every two years or so. But the shock-and-awe headline’s just a herring, holmes. If you dig just a tad bit deeper into the story you realize that this dude, Mr Thomas Beatie was actually a dudette - As was the case with the last real pregnant man story, he/ she is a "transgendered person, born female, who had his outward features medically altered to achieve a more masculine appearance but kept his reproductive organs intact." I’ve heard news networks claim that he got pregnant by artificial insemination, but I personally think this is just him/her covering up for the actual man who impregnated him/her.

And yes, that is the part of the story, I think everyone's missing - THE OTHER MAN. dun dun dun. Scroll with me, shawty.

1) Before we get into the false premise of the OTHER MAN conspiracy that I believe in, let's discuss the issue of how we’re gonna refer to Mr/ Mrs Beatie- Now, a close friend of mine refers to him/her as 'the lesbian' – She chooses to believe that women who want to be men are essentially lesbians. Makes sense, right? But I have a problem with the simplistic 'the lesbian' label. He/she’s sexual orientation and preference has never been explicitly specified in the article. Now keeping in mind the fact that he/she is originally a woman - It could very well be that Beatie is not a lesbian; she is merely a straight woman who just happens to want to be a man. So, even with a man's appearance, she is a straight woman who wants to do other men. (Which would make her gay as a man, mind you.) As you can see, nomenclature and categorization is clearly a problem, so I'm gonna stick with 'he/she' for now. And to suit my next point, lets assume that he/she is a lesbian aka a she with he-like tendencies and preferences.

2) Now to the unlikely conspiracy I believe in – the OTHER MAN of the story. Now I’m not interested in exploring the other man’s responsibility as a father (It'd be worth examining the story in this light though, especially since there's been this recent trend of men being more vocal about questioning their role and rights with regards to birth of a child. Pretty thorny issue really, especially since it’s tacitly connected to the issue of abortion and the women’s rights movement. Not going there dudes. I’ma do the MC Hammer running man, if you don’t mind. Can’t touch this.)

To clarify I call the man, that according to me allegedly impregnated he/she, ‘the other man’, coz I'm keeping my mind open to the possibility that he/she is sort of a man right now (albeit one who’s soon to become a mother). If we are to buy the premise that he/she in his/her route to become a man, he/she likely resembles a man now- and this means that the man who slept with he/she must have been gay. And that’s the premise I’m most interested in- Coz this other man was probably just looking for a harmless fling. A wham-bham-thank-you-man, booty call. Its not like his rendezvous with another man would yield a baby right? But then BAM! He gets hit with the news that the dude he slept with is pregnant. I'd like to see the look on his face when he gets the news. Kodak moments to cherish, my friends.

I guess what I’m most fascinated by is the whole gender-defying territory that a transgendered individual occupies. It’s like bye, bye binary codes of sexuality. I mean it’s easy for us to hate gays - they are dudes who like to get jiggy with other dudes - but this story is just weird.
He/she is in a happy relationship his wife, and is currently expecting a second child. How do you discriminate against that which you can’t quantify? How do you efficiently hate something that you can't place in a proper category of contempt? Man, must be so goddamned confuzzled right now. Nicely done, he/she!

I totally understand if some of you think this post was a waste of your time. Just thought I’d point out a mindfuck
to marvel at. Just some fast food for thought.

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