Sunday, November 2, 2008

Single, Please Mingle: Q-Tip's Move

Q-Tip is hardly an obscure or overlooked artist, but I'm gonna present 'Move' as an underappreciated single. There's a plethora of reasons for doing so: Not too many people that I know are talking about it. I really haven't seen it on TV yet, despite its obvious pros. Its undoubtedly a great song and a club-ready jam, so there's no real excuse for shunning it. Oh and its produced by the legendary J Dilla. (Ugh, dear TTP or lupus or whatever disease it was that got Dilla killed: I hope you get violently raped during recess. I hope you get AIDs and that your best friends stop returning your phone calls. Hope that people switch their msn status to 'busy' or 'off to lunch' when you message them. Hope nobody even drops by your facebook page to say 'sup to your dying ass. Hope you die alone. I curse you with tons of dog poo on your tombstone. But I digress.)

But honestly though, the real reason I post this is coz Q-Tip's second verse starts with the following:

"Your dubious style may rock for right now
But in the long run, you really lost one
Jamaica, Queens, man - land of the tossed gun
Its never easy, police nah sees we"

Yowza. No matter how many times I slap rewind, those lines grab me. every. single. time. So much so that I don't like the Rik Cordero-directed video for the song - The
'Rock with you' throwback really doesn't do it for me coz I selfishly want the video to reflect the smack-you-silly-griminess of that second verse. Q-Tip performed the very same verse @ the BET Cypher this year, and I thought the basic, stark, black and white visual suited the verse much better.

Regardless, great single. Needs to mingle more with your playlists.

Off 'The Renaissance' - the long-awaited Q-Tip album that will most likely surpass your tired, low expectations. In stores November 4.

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