Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Single, Please Mingle: Crystal Stilts' 'Converging in the Quiet'

OKKK, I know what you're gonna say: Why is Swangerrr turning into such a sausagefest, bro? What's with assaulting everyone's senses with all this aggressive hip hop and heavy metal? Where's the romance?

Here you are all dressed in spiffy tuxedos & dazzling evening gowns, and here I am in no-name sweat pants. You probably assumed I got dinner reservations too, right? Welllll, my back pocket's got Mapquest directions to the nearest MacDonalds. And two $1-off coupons with your name on it (Tah-dah!). Disappointed? Well, don't act like you're surprised. Sheeit, you know how bad I am with all this serenading crap.

But hey, wait, wait, wait. All is not lost. Its never too late. This is for those who want to ballroom dance @ the apocalypse.

P.S Props to Fresh Cherries for the reminder on this album.

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