Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Single, Please Mingle: G-Side's 'Strictly Buzinezz'

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The new G-side album, 'Starshipz & Rocketz', is actually a really nice surprise. Seems like its gonna get shunned in the wake of the rap blogosphere going nuts over 2 big name, reinvention-themed albums - the kanye album (which is being heralded as this brave, futuristic leap), and the common album (which is being scorched as this ferocious, futuristic mess).

Unlike those two, this record's not at all shy about its space-hop agenda. It openly embraces it. The production’s uber-glossy. Space age street talk is not uncommon. The album’s called “Starshipz and Rocketz” for god's sake (Btw, is the 'replacing-the-lame-s-with-the-cool-z' trend making a comeback? I only azk coz I iz curiouz)

Don’t get your hopes too high though. While space age lyricism has its place, this is far, far from its brightest moment. The rappers are severely meh, serving more so as non-threatening props in this production showcase. “I mean business, business as usual / I know you hating & bitch the feeling is mutual” counts as memorable in these dire circumstances. Ditto re: "Me, I'm a libra, more stripes than a zebra/ my mother died the day after Aaliyah." Yurp, lots to sigh about. If you remember any lines, that is.

The production (Block Beataz?) picks up the slack though. This particular beat's on some basic, fly, twilight-zone ish. (About 3/4s of the whole album is, actually)

Are you resentful of today? Fantasizing of a fantastic tomorrow?

Well, drop the dutchie. Invest in a spaceship instead. Now get lifted.

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