Friday, December 12, 2008

WALL-E to KANY-E: Stop Swaggerjacking

Why, Kany-e, Why?

Sorry for the lateness of this post y'all, but my girl Ev-e just put m-e on to this. So apparently, the music world's currently being dominated by some cat named Kany-e West, with the releas-e of his latest album, "808s & Heartbreaks." You know, I'm not programmed to sugar coat my shit, so here goes: Stop swaggerjacking my steez, Kany-e.

Why does the biggest rapper on the planet feel the need to jock my fresh? I mean, come on, L-V Don. 808s? Stop binary code baiting m-e, dud-e. Seriously. Nevermind that the whol-e album's based on jocking my vocal styl-e via autotun-e. I can learn to liv-e with that. But releasing a piec-e of art that prominently sheds the spotlight on personal heartbreak? That's just crossing the lin-e, man. Hmm, robotic meditations on love and loneliness - where have I seen that before?
Oh wait. You gonna pretend like you've never seen my autobiographical documentary befor-e? Huh, Kany-e? Seriously dun, you don't want none of this drama. I ain't gonna snitch to no robocops, but you better stop it now. Drop it, Ok? You're just a spoiled little LA girl. M-e, I'm major.

Man, this is why I stay locked up in my recycling studio. The real world just keeps stressing m-e. I'm not calling for no beef, just telling it like I see it. I just had to respond.


P.S My homi-e just informed m-e that Kany-e's already released a diss track in respons-e to my rant, where he refers to m-e as a retarded, 'Late Registration' robot. Is this dud-e asking to be e-thered out of existenc-e? Watch your mouth or this is gonna end up worse than a 2-Pac vs Biggi-E showdown, son. Out here-e, w-e go hard.

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