Sunday, July 19, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Chris "A Class of My Own"

I have a shitload of family in Philly. Most of them are uncles who are pretty much how do I phrase this politely...savage beasts. Seriously. A lot of them have mad amounts of extremely distracting curly hair coming out of their chests and ears. To make matters worse, they're the types who use their index fingers to further curl their curly chest and ear hair when they talk to you. They're also the types to grab a random pen off your desk to dig out their earwax. And they don't even bother to clean your pen after they're done. They just brazenly leave the pen back on your desk with these huge globs of earwax stuck to it. Grossfest y'all! I can't wait to go back to Philly next summer.

Anyways, I just mention this to force an introductory segway into another savage beast from Philly - Young Chris. I only started paying attention to him in the last couple of years so I don't know if he was any good in Rocafella's heyday. The only reason I was aware of this guy was coz a bunch of my buds back in the day used to make a ton of shitty "Man, Young Chris is gonna turn into Old-Ass Senile Chris in Rocafella's waiting rooms." I also remember overhearing a bunch of nerdy rap discussions about whether Jay-Z swiped Young Chris' flow wholesale.

Eitherway, it's been real interesting to watch this guy slowly build up his own lane in the last year or so. Here he is just spitting Illadelph raps and ripping apart Asher Roth's "Lark on my Go Kart" beat. No hook, no chorus. Fabulous. I'm definitely amped about his upcoming Network mixtape.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Willie Isz "The Grussle"

So much new oldpeoplerap in my headphones these days. If you weren't aware of this 'Georgiavania' record before, you probably took notice when Noz rightfully put bloggers on blast for ignoring the latest records from Blaq Poet and Willie Isz. I'm not a Goodie Mob stan, and so while 'Georgiavania' was faintly on my "must check out" radar, I wasn't actively waiting for it to drop. But anyways, since it was a relatively slow couple of months for rap releases, I decided to give this record a shot. I'm glad I did.

Since I dived into this record with no expectations whatsoever (right after spending a few spins with the BlaqPoet record), I totally got bitchslapped by its weirdness. While the Blaq Poet record shoves us down to the concrete, Willie Isz invites flight. Like, honestly, the real reason I didn't write anything about this record last week was because I was just trying to focus and wrap my head around it, as opposed to just scratching my head with my jaws wide open. But now that its sunk in, I must say I like it. It's not flawless, but it is impressive, especially considering how the raps stay strong and steady amidst all the experimentation.

Thought I'd ease any still-hesitant listeners out there into this record by posting "The Grussle", probably one of the more accessible joints on this album. You gotta hand mad props to anyone who maintains their gangsta around these maudlin violins. Try mean mugging to square dancing music before you judge. Khujo is solid throughout the album. This Jneiro Jarel cat is cool too (I still do, however, feel that we all need to exercise a healthy amount of discrimination against anyone whose first name starts with two consecutive consonants. YOU CAN ONLY RUN & HIDE FOR SO LONG, DJIMON HONSOU!)

So yeah, give this record a shot. That is all.

P.S Anyone know who this "Willie Isz" character is? I sorta tried to decipher the conceptual backstory from the album but all I got was: "What it does is what it is, so Willie Isz is what it was" Thanks a bunch for the clarification, Khujo *bangs head on wall*

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Anal-ytical Appreciation: Gucci Mane feat. Juelz Santana & Big Boi "She Gotta Friend"

This video's been out for a minute, the song has been out even longer. I think we can all agree that Gucci's the highlight here.

That being said, I only post this video so that I can document & record the brilliance that occurs at 0.14-0.40 secs of this video - Here we get the privilege of watching Gucci and OJ giddily throw down 'bows in the backseat of their Benz. Mischievous glee or pure joy? Are they rejoicing about the women they've got? The money, the cars, the jewels? Are they laughing because they heard a preview of the Skull Gang record? Did they have a McFlurry for breakfast? Did they pull a fast one on us? Did they get exactly what they wanted for Christmas? Whatever it might be, shit is pretty cute. I mean jeez, how're you gonna hate on that kind of happiness? I mean it's cool with me if you wanna play up your haughty, calculated cool when you brandish your success at this cruel world, but this kind of celebration right here is what your life should be all about. Basically: When it comes to success, don't just drop dollars, drop 'bows! LET'S DO THIS.

P.S I celebrated the same way when I found that Twizzler Nibs were back on sale at WalMart. Nibs & I are MAJOR.
P.P.S Video spotted over at
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Dro "On Fire"

Young Dro! Ay! You know the deal, don't play. This track is most likely a leak off of P.O.L.O (chorus shouts out the album title after all). While it's not as great as "Clean With it" or "Dro Rock Diamonds," it's far from shabby. Nah Right also posted another single ("You Nasty") off the album that arguably has got more interesting production but it has an Akon hook that sounds like Akon hook. So yknow... Sidenote: Why Akon, my dude? Investing heavily in Croc (NYSE: CROC) stocks have better payoff prospects. I mean seriously, what kind of cache does Akon have in 09? Maybe tweens who know him as the dude that brayed "WOOOHOOOO YEEEHOOOO" like a castrated mule on that one Gwen Stefani track might be intrigued, but I don't know if that's the target market you're chasing. Akon on the other hand. But I digress.

This Jim Jonsin-produced joint is cartoonishly upbeat but Dro's flow makes sure it doesn't drift totally into Corny Central. Chorus is a winner too. No major eyebrow-raisers or grin-stretchers here but Dro's joy and energy remains intact.

I personally hope for waay higher highs when P.O.L.O finally drops but as for now, I'm not mad at all.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Killer Mike "My City"

Tropical beat for your tropical weekend. My bad if it's raining wherever you are. Anyways, Don Cannon always makes such supremely serviceable beats, no?

Yo, could you hold on a sec while I adjust my Captain Obvious hat? All aboard? OKKK, here we go: Killer Mike is a great rapper. I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind 2 was definitely one of the best rap records of 08, no ifs, ands or buts. Totally worth the wait. That being said, Killer needs to make up for lost time and drop another solo record right quick.

Killer's on point on this track, in case you didn't notice. Though he spits with an obvious "same shit, different day" vibe, it's not hate-filled rhetoric. There's disappointment sprinkled in there but there also seems to be a fondness for his past and his present, a strange love and comfort towards the surroundings he's grown up around. There's still immense pride and respect for his upbringing. He calls it the "filthy, nasty dirty south" but he's also adamant about claiming it as his city. There's dark humour in the absurdity of it all, yknow?

This track might not be the type of scorching social commentary that Killer's probably most famous for, but it's still potent. Even when spitting a loose 'day-in- the-life-of' rhyme, Killer remains a storyteller at heart. That really shouldn't come as much of a surprise. He's a proficient lyricist and rhymer for sure, but it's always been his narratives that have taken centre stage, not his technique. He's just got this gift of sounding magnificently conversational even when he's rapping circles around you. Like here, for example, you really aren't analyzing his rhyme scheme or his similes, you're just walking along with him through his city, totally absorbed by whatever he has to say.

And I guess that's why Killer Mike is a great rapper. He's smart but not snarky. He doesn't bowl you over, he connects with you. Why settle for being deemed "impressive" when you can be engaging, right?


P.S Track spotted over at
Maurice Garland's blog, where you can peep more details and another dope track "Pay Up"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anal-ytical Appreciation: Karl Wolf "Africa"

In case you didn't know, I currently reside in Canada. I'm happy to be living in such an awesome country. It let my immigrant ass in after all. So I don't lose my shit over the fact that this song is #2 on the charts over here. It's a small price to pay.

But let's talk about the price tag on this one, shall we?

This song is called Africa. My very first reaction when I heard about this song was: "Oh yet another African singer making an ode to their homeland. Yawnsville." But then the video popped up on MuchMusic and I noticed that the singer Karl Wolf was actually some tanned white dude (He is actually Lebanese, for the record). I was about to burst into a glorious WTF but my conscience kicked in with a 'Dude chillax.' Other people have sung about and/or appropriated the glories of Africa. Plus, its not like you have to be African to be appreciative of African culture. So I decided to continue watching.

But then it got kinda weird coz the song kept going and I never got where the "Africa" title fit in. I mean aside, from the fact that the chorus has a line that goes "I bless the rains down in Africa" (Seriously?), lyrically its pretty much a standard love song.

Even weirder, this dude decided to NOT include a single black chick in the video. Not even a light skinned token! Closest thing to someone black in this video is his budget line, Fat Joe-during-lent lookalike of a weed carrier, Culture (Btw peep his dance moves, they will brighten your darkest days). Weirdness continues: Culture's dancehall raps are on the song, and he's on screen a whole lot but for some reason, they never show him spitting the lines until the last minute. As if making a love song titled 'Africa' but making no mention of the continent or its people wasn't weird enough. In a strange way, it seemed like a pretty ballsy move (pause?) that I had a bit of respect for. Nonetheless, my restrained WTF had already begun loosening its shackles.

So I decided to take a breather. I'm not the brightest crayon in the box. Maybe I was missing something, maybe I wasn't reading between the lines. I think to myself - Maybe he didn't want to make a big, pompous statement about Africa. Maybe I should take in to account the fact that he subtly celebrates Africa by shooting the video in Africa. Until I realized that
the video was shot on Muscat, Oman. LOLercoaster goes off the rail. Muscat? Muscat ain't gully, fool! Man, I have family in Muscat. I was actually there once to visit them in Grade 3. It's a nice little city. When I was there, I actually went to a farm, drank fresh goat milk and took a dump around a date palm. Karl is probably two-stepping in my fermented poo. Just thought you'd like to know.

So yeah, basically this 'Africa' song has nothing whatsoever to do with Africa. Impressive.

P.S I am aware that this is a remake of Toto's
Africa, but my wtf will not budge.
P.P.S Here is a tremendous line off of
Karl's wiki "Word of his talent spread quickly, with such stars as Christina Millian, Glenn Lewis, and Mya requesting that Karl send them material. However, at the time, he was busy at work on his first solo album, Face Behind the Face" LOLmeter on a hundred. thousand. trillion.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Jackie Chain "Diamonds and Cadillacs"

I was wary of posting this shit since you've probably already caught it tanning itself under glowing reviews on tastemaker blogs like Traps N Trunks or Blvd Street. I was like: I have nothing new to add here, so why bother posting it? But then I realized that I just LOVE this song and that just the mere act of posting it would bring me lots of joy. And since this blog has always been about me and not you, here it is. Bite me naysayer!

So much radness to absorb here:

1) The beat! Those guitars, those strings, that thump! Producer of this beat: Identify yourself or forever face my wrath!
2) Jackie Chain's vocals: syrupy swing and southern twang gels so well with this beat.
3) The fact that Jackie Chain looks like he does. You know what he reminds me of? That one Simpsons episode where they decided to introduce that
Cool Dog into the Itchy & Scratchy show. Jackie Chain = Human incarnation of Poochie. Disagree? Liar, liar, pants on fire.
4) Also dude is Asian? I thought hip hop was done with its Asian inclusion affirmative action quota after Jin joined Ruff Ryders (FreestyLOL). Plus I thought rappers referring to their marijuana-assisted states of mind as "chinky" counted too.
N-E-ways, it is a big deal for my racist ass to be bumping some sorta-Asian guy's music coz as you all know, ever since Grade 11, I've been prepping myself for the inevitable 2020 World Domination Olympics between India & China. Think of it as Terminator Salvation: Bollywood Edition. We might be outnumbered, but us Indians have a fair shot at defeating the Chinese because their robots are built by the same 3-year-old terrorist tots that make Happy Meal Toys. They hate to see us smile.

But yeah man. This song really makes me feel good. And regardless of whether you've already heard it or not, by the time you press play here, you'll feel the same way.

P.S Cop a download via Blvd Street.

P.P.S Maybe we should check out one of his mixtapes.
P.P.P.S UPDATE: The badass beat was apparently produced by DjayCas. Nicely done, sir.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: London feat. Lil Wayne: "B4 U Go"

So, it's hard to argue against the fact that R&B's been running shit for a while now. Back in the 90s, R&B artists miming rapper steez wasn't uncommon. But now the tables have turned, and rappers seem to be cribbing notes from R&B in order to remain chart contenders. See: the fact that it is illegal in most states for you to release a rap album without a hook from Ne-Yo, Akon, T-Pain &/or The-Dream; the existence and success of 808s & Heartbreak; the fact that everyone's clearing their schedules as Jigga bravely attempts to set a date for auto-tune's funeral. Btw, rappers beefing against autotune reminds me. This one time in kindergarten I fought a girl. And I won! In your whiny-ass face, JJ! There's no way in hell you were gonna get that last cherry-crowned slice of the birthday cake. No way, no how. Cry me a river and wipe those crocodile tears on that ridiculously frilly birthday frock of yours, poser!

Moving on. This song might not be the greatest way to justify my pointless half-rant. I don't think the song's blown up quite yet. Minus one weird line in the intro, it doesn't even have any autotune. But it is R&B, and it does have Wayne rapping (sans autotune + a really fun first verse). Plus lots of heavy synth. I'm a fan of all of the above obviously.

P.S Cop a
zshare from Nah Right
P.P.S I can't find his myspace but
Southern Hospitality's post on this track reveals a few details about London's geographically-challenged existence: London is actually from Oakland but currently residing in Atlanta. Jeez.
P.P.P.S I just realized the acronym for the song spells B.U.G. Just thought you should know.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fossil Fuel: Lil Scrappy "No Problem"

So since everyone’s having a laugh at Lil Scrappy’s extremely NSFW attempt at getting back in the limelight, I thought I’d post a throwback to ‘04, back when he was known for his music. 'No Problem' was a highlight off the solid “The King of Crunk & BME Recordings Present: Lil Scrappy & Trillville” album, a debut of sorts for both Lil Scrappy and Trillville, if I’m not mistaken. With Lil Jon’s production expanding its reach and stomping its signature all across radio waves, crunk was alive and thriving back then. Good times, no?

This was a song that a younger, dumber me (if you can believe in such a possibility) scoffed at for weeks as it stayed perched on the 106 & Park countdown. Stupid-ass crunk coonery, I thought to myself. Then one fine day, I realized that I knew and loved all the words to the song's first verse. Plus, I just couldn’t stop bouncing and bobbing to it. In retrospect, I can’t believe I ever dismissed a song that delivered imagery as evocative as “You don’t wanna be out in the streets/ Mouth full of blood and a soul full of heat.” I mean, sheeeeeeit.

The version you see/hear in the video is actually a bit different (and imho better) than the one you hear on record. Aside from the fact that certain words have been tweaked for TV viewing purposes, Scrappy also added some great inflections to his lines for the video version. Minor as they may be, the swing he adds to his 'ayys' and his 'whaaats' really does make a world of difference. Lots more to groove to this time around.

(Warning Note: The following para is so full of questionable thoughts, I’m gonna have to ask you to stay on your toes and add in your own pauses. I’m a little tired.)

Though I love the video version of the track, I do however find the video itself very distracting because of Lil Scrappy’s lips. For real, it’s like Lil Scrappy’s lips decide to take a life of its own in this video. Seriously, I dare you to try watching the video without getting distracted by his lips. I almost think that the video should be labeled as “No Problem - Lil Scrappy featuring Lil Scrappy’s Lively Lips.”

Regardless, it’s an awesome song. Scrappy’s now switched to Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace label, but I hope he can make time to collaborate with Lil Jon for more gems like these.

P.S Lil Scrappy- No Problem Remix featuring Fat Joe, Cam'Ron, Bun B & T.I

P.P.S In case you’re curious: yes, this video is the main culprit responsible for instigating my excessive and annoying usage of OKKK at random situations. Don’t judge me, OKKK?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anal-ytical Appreciation: Jazmine Sullivan "Lions, Tigers & Bears"

So this reminds me a lot of that Anal-ytical Appreciation post on Solange that I posted a month ago i.e It's a video that's been on regular rotation in the BET Now cycle. It's a song that I really like. The song and accompanying video seem to be doing everything right. Jazmine Sullivan's cute. But then the lyrics of the chorus hits you.

Here's the whole chorus in case you think I'm taking shit out of context:

"I'm not scared of lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!)
But I'm scared of (loving you)
I'm not scared to perform at a sold out affair (that's right)
But I'm scared of (loving you)
Am I the only one who thinks it's an impossible task?
Why it don't last? Is that too much to ask?
Why do we love Love, When Love seems to hate us?"

Ok, so I'm not totally daft. I get it. She's trying to communicate the trepidation and fear involved in loving someone without reserve. She's pondering about commitment and the fear of loss. The fear of dependence and putting your heart completely out there. Yada yada yada.

But wowowowow. Hold the fuck up. Did Ms Sullivan just say that she wasn't scared of lions and tigers and bears? Oh my indeed. How the fuck are you not scared of lions AND tigers AND bears? Heck, I'm shitting my pants at the thought of encountering a lion, a tiger and a bear. And I'm not talk about a slight stain on my drawls. I'm talking about heavy fecal downpour. I'm talking about shit heavily encompassing my boxers and then slowly dripping down through my pant legs into my socks and shoes. Hell, some shit slips by the hem of my pants and onto the floor. It's not pretty.

Point being: I'm scared @ the thought of dealing with a lion, a tiger, and a bear. So it really irks me that this Sullivan chick decided to take her gangsta posturing a step further. She takes it into plural territory. Like goddamn. She's not scared of lions AND tigers AND bears. Arrrrrghhh.

Am I a big pussy? Or does Ms Sullivan need more people?

P.S Random Bonus footage for all you asswipes that are not scared of lions and tigers and bears.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

PSA: Cadence Weapon - Poet Laureate

Cadence Weapon - In Search of the Youth Crew (Afterparty Babies, 2008)

So in case you haven't heard - Rollie Pemberton aka rapper Cadence Weapon just got sworn in as the 'Poet Laureate' for the city of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada). Congratulations homie. I'm really glad. Now don't get me wrong: I'm not the type of person who looks for rap to be validated by the art critic community at large. Fuck that insecure shit in a diarrhetic butthole. I am, however, happy for any type of recognition or exposure this guy gets.

The main reason I even posted this news article is to remind you to get off that NyQuil coz you are seriously sleeping if you aren't up on this guy (Pause?). I really enjoyed his debut 'Breaking Kayfabe' but it was his sophomore album 'Afterparty Babies' that totally won me over. Dude brought his boombox to the rave and it was a totally smashing mix of electro and hip-hop. Hands down, one of my favourite hip hop records of '08. While his technical rap skills might not blow you away, I doubt you can really front on the refreshing perspectives he kicks in his rhymes. I hope people remember him for being more than the guy that rapped:
"I can’t work day to day and live and starve in the lunchline /
That’s why my shows last longer than a Talib Kweli punchline /
I rap into the next bar like a Talib Kweli punchline /
But I make no sense like a Talib Kweli punchline.”

I can understand why that line's stuck in your head though. Anyways, in honour of his award, here are a random couple of my favourite lyrics from Afterparty Babies

"Now girls love to be photographed/ That's a fact that can't be argued by the constraints of feminism in society/
It's not that far from how everyone's a DJ /
or how every single party is destined to be great"

"Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was my idea!"

I could go on and on but I'm tired and lazy. I highly recommend that you peep his discography as soon as you get the chance.

Cadence Weapon is currently working on his third album "Roquentin", which apparently takes its title from the work of Jean-Paul Sartre. ExistentiaLOL. Can't Wait.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Lord Infamous, T-Rock & II Tone feat. Chamillionaire "Love my Whip"

If you've heard ‘Scale-a-Ton’, chances are pretty high that your fiend-meter is set on high @ the return of Lord Infamous. So get this: Apparently Lord Infamous, T-Rock and II Tone actually have a collaboration album called "Blood Money" coming out soon. Yeah, you read right. Lord Infamous AND T-Rock. I guess Three 6 and T-Rock have buried the hatchet on their beef? Eitherway, this has all the makings of a major problem right here. This track finds both in fine form here, manipulating melody and double-time raps effortlessly. I don't know anything about II Tone, and am not too motivated to dig further based on his performance on this. He maintains the track's tempo well enough but he doesn’t leave an outstanding impression against the heavyweights he’s up against.

Chamillionaire kinda wins this round by gliding oh-so-smoothly across the beat with his track-opening verse. Excerpt: “Run up on me with your piece, and that’s what you gonna rest as/ Rest in/ Bet that/Presto poof!/ That fast.” Prediction: You do not make it through to the rest of the song coz you keep slapping rewind on Cham's verse. Place your bets.

The Ritalin-sponsored child choir chorus is sorta suspect – Two questions:
1) Who let their kids step into a studio with Lord Infamous?
2) When little kids yelp about loving their whip, don’t you assume it’s about Miracle Whip? I certainly do but given my rich, creative history of mayo consumption, I understand if you accuse me of being biased.

So yeah, the chorus is kinda meh. But yknow what? The verses are worth the wait.

Hope the album brings more heat. BLAY!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Passion Pit "The Reeling"

I know I'm late but jeez, what a song, eh? Like injecting fruitopia and red bull straight into your veins. Make sure to strap that arm nice and tight folks.

Passion Pit's full-length debut "Manners" dropped sometime earlier this month and it appears to be pretty solid. I'm only on my 3rd spin of the record but it seems like a keeper. Not outstanding or essential but far from a throwaway record. Dance punk as a "movement" may have died, but I doubt the rough aesthetic of dance-based rock can really be killed. Duh, right? Maybe it'll morph into something weird like no-wave or what have you. Whatever. Fuck all this talk about our generation's legacy and how we'll be viewed 20 years down the line for being into shit like this. Let's not overthink this. We're here now, so let's dive head first into our foolishness. It feels good.

Back to the song at hand. I believe this is the lead single from the record. I know its been getting its fair share of airplay for quite some time now. Best part about this song, and this band for that matter, is the lead singer's falsetto. He sounds sorta like Geddy Lee or that dude from Coheed and Cambria who umm sounds like Geddy Lee. Anyways, in case you don't know, I love falsettos. Seriously, Swangerrr Management would like to take this moment to officially cosign the fuck out of falsettos. I'm just so disappointed that no one in real life talks in falsettos. Atleast nobody that I know. If you talk in a falsetto, hit me up: I would like to be best friends with you.

p.s Peep Pitchfork's review of

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Redman & Method Man feat. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah "4 Minutes 2 Lockdown"

So Blackout 2 is nice but not as good as it should be. Personally, I would've settled for more of the same from the original Blackout production lineup i.e more of Erick Sermon's funk-fried beats for Meth & Red to get their groove on. This album's production has made concessions to our contemporary pop rap landscape, and so it's a bit of a hit or miss affair.

Anyways, this track lives upto the hype that its lineup generates. The horn-helmed beat is to the point and all of these dudes come correct on this. It's got this nice structure with Red and Ghost pumping the opening and closing credits with adrenaline and Rae and Meth holding the fort down in the middle with grit.

It's hard to rank them, but I think Meth's verse is my favourite (See: "G'd up, married to the game without a prenup" and "pack a little heater/game get colder in the freezer/ hit your little corner with the sweeper, dance with the reaper"). But that's subjective since there's nothing to scoff at here. Red is predictably animated ("Cold, my heart built with a snowball/ And I fuck old women like Zohan"). Raekwon delivers typically great innercity threats ("Before all the cussing and the gunfights, don't wanna rum nights /Yeah, scramble when the sun lights"). Ghost continues to bring the urgency of an escaped convict on the run. Seriously. The dude just opens his verse with a cliff hanger "Ayo, I woke up in handcuffs/ Heard the police wanted me dead." Stay tuned and try to keep up, listener.

It's that symbol again.

P.S Out of curiousity guys, WTF is up with a track named 4 Minutes not being 4 minutes long?

Single, Please Mingle: Cory Gunz "Time Keeps Ticking"

Ever since his big break on Wayne's original version of 'A Millie', I've been waiting for Cory Gunz to win me over completely (Pause?). Dude's been doing his thing for a minute on the mixtape circuit (a cursory glance at DatPiff tells me he's been doing this atleast since 06), but he never did release a definitive mixtape or album I could whole heartedly cosign. He might not be the most charismatic member of the Freshmen class of '09, but he certainly can rap, as evidenced by several promising singles strewn across the blogosphere every other month. His awesome "Bad Freestyle Part 2" was the last notable one I remember. Hopefully his upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape is able to effectively distill his potential and remove all the "underachiever" whispers floating around him.

"Time Keeps Ticking" is off of the upcoming "Gangsta Grillz - Heir to The Throne" mixtape btw. Gunz does his whole tongue-twister-friendly rap, this time opting for a more moody, restrained flow than usual. Vinny Idol's claustrophobic beat swoops in for the win though. That bassline, those drums! Something wicked this way comes, dudes.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Dro feat. Yung LA "Take Off"

You know the sound (Take off) Keeeeeyyaaaaoooowwww, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyaaaaooow.


Regardless of late or not, you know I just had to post this right? Swangerrr Management has a spiritual and moral obligation towards posting Young Dro tracks. So one of the few thoroughly enjoyable tracks off of Dro's disappointing Black Boy, White Boy mixtape gets a video. It's apparently the lead single for Dro's forthcoming P.O.L.O album as well. Fingers crossed tighter.

As its a track titled "Take Off", there's quite a few pharmaceutical-themed quotables in here including: "Young Dro in the club, my wrist cost a hundred rats / When I pop a pill, I take off like the Thundercats" and "I fuck with kush so much, I had Amsterdam children"

Yung LA, T.I and a 'Catch Me if You Can' video theme appear. Just because. Don't ask questions. It's a Dro video. Actually if I may, I have three questions:

1) I noticed that the passport that Dro decided to manipulate his image on in the beginning of the vid @ 0.19 secs was the passport of an old white dude who was born in Armenia in "01 Jan 1950." Do y'all think that Dro can get a pass as a 59 year old Armenian-born American?
2) In the vid, is Dro being chased by the feds or the Blues Brothers?
3) Speaking of the Catch Me If You Can video theme, would T.I, Dro and LA have gotten away from the feds (like they did in this video) had Alfamega been present in their posse?

That is all.

P.S Video spotted at Nah Right.

Single, Please Mingle: DJ Quik & Kurupt "9x`s Outta 10"

Damn. These mofos came out with We the West t-shirts??? Plagiarism I say! Ever since Khaled came out with We the Best tees, I've been talking about this idea of selling XXL tees that had We The Chest stencilled across the chest area (obviously). I also had a women's line called We The Breast. I had all my bases covered. We the Chest would have joined the late night infomercial pantheon with the Snuggie and Shamwow. This was supposed to be my moment to get rich quick.

But alas. This destined-to-be-matheletes-anthem steals all my thunder. I've honestly not followed Kurupt's career to a T, but I've heard enough Death Row features to know that he means business. More importantly, Quik sounds like he's got a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. If
Hey Playa and 9 Xs Outta 10 are any indication, this record is gonna be a problem.

BlaQKout dropping sometime in 09. Get ready.

"Pretty soon the radiated mushrooms will radiate entire rooms / Go bananas, baboons / just STOP!" - Quik

PS Track spotted at
Dirty Glove Bastard

Friday, May 8, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: DJ Paul feat. Lord Infamous "Internet Whore"

I would’ve posted this much earlier had I not been out of commission from the conscious world for the past few days courtesy of a flu that contained high traces of bitchassness. This week's schedule has pretty much been all about two teaspoons of robitussin & 10 hours of slumber on the daily. Just a day in the life of a teenage Juelz Santana basically.

"Scale-a-ton" has been the soundtrack to my recovery. God bless DJ Paul and all the demons he fucks with. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this record to drop and so it feels totally weird watching it drop outta nowhere this week. Blog props for The Cool Kids’ new mixtape but no promo whatsoever for a fucking DJ Paul album??? Explain yourself, internet! Whatevs, your loss.

This album is on some seriously dependable shit. The deceptively simple art of combining good beats with great hooks. Three 6 is back at it. Given the fact that I have quite a few faves at this point, I’ve been flip flopping all week with regards to what track to post. But since this is a blog, I figured a ghoul-ish track titled ‘Internet Whore’ would be pretty apt.

Chorus goes: “I met her on myspace, found her on facebook / got head on youporn, (something something something)/ she’s an internet whore, you can enter that whore”

Is DJ Paul celebrating promiscuous women easily accessible via the internet or commenting on the impermanence of our relationships via the web? Is it about sexual sluts carelessly giving up their bodies and their morals or about mental sluts recklessly releasing obscene amounts of personal information via social networking sites? Which side are you on? What have you compromised recently?

OK. Fine, fiiiine. I’ll put the Robotussin away.

Anyways, bump this album coz DJ Paul’s back. Just. Like. That.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Gucci Mane feat Three Six Mafia, Project Pat, Yung Joc & OJ Da Juiceman "Never Too Much (Remix)"

Awww shit. The first time I heard this song (which for the record was like, around 9.00 pm on a Sunday night), I jumped right out of my chair and started marching around my room. Straight Bushwacker-style. No joke. It just made so much sense at the time.

Anyways, these all star collabo lineups keep getting more ridiculoid by the second. This is like half of my last month's playlist converging into a single mp3 file. I was going to rank the verses of the featured rappers but its pretty hard since they all do a nice job. Personally, the numero uno spot would belong to DJ Paul's retort to sell-out accusations : "And I still represent and live in the south, so nigga get that hollywood shit out your mouth" I know lines like these sound less-than-mediocre on paper, but this is rap and you already know that delivery is king. With disdain dripping out of every syllable, DJ Paul pretty much turns mean mugging into an artform.

Despite the crazy nice lineup spitting solid game, Gucci's stubborn chorus (I can't stop, I won't stop, I keep getting money/Never too much, never too much money/I woke up ballin, I went to sleep stunnin/never too much, never too much money) never lets you forget whose turf you're on. 'Catchy Gucci chorus' seems like a redundant phrase at this point. But just in case you forgot who's boss, Gucci steps in to close the track in spectacular fashion. My fave line = "My lil boy one, but his shoes four hundred/ With tax, better yet 450 / Gucci all red, so he shittin' on the infants." Poor Gucci probably has to constantly change his kid's diapers coz his lil one's swag is shitting on his playmates. That pretty much has blockbuster movie written all over it. "Gucci's Kids" or "Gucci Day Care"? What say you?

Track's off Drumma Boy's 'Welcome II the City' apparently. Cop a zshare via Nah Right

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Juicy J feat. Project Pat & V Slash "Hoe Pulla"

This Juicy J and Project Pat mixtape 'Play Me Some Pimpin' has been out for about a week now. I'm certainly not losing my shit over it but it does do a good job of cobbling together some solid Three 6 Mafia-related singles that have leaked in loose formats in the recent months. Example: stuff like the 30 Inches remix w/ Gucci and that Alchemist track with Juvie is on here. Since people have written about such standouts, I'm gonna go with the Hoe Pulla track instead.

Now, to be honest, as much as I love a good Three 6 ruckus bringer, I enjoy one of their laid back, bluesy chillax sessions even better. And this is one of them. The chorus goes in hard, especially with Juicy J's Hoe Pulla claims blending so seamlessly with the Isaac Hayes sample. Gotta love him authoritatively preaching about "Anything on 30s is a Hoe Pulla" with
Hayes' 'Look of Love' floating across the background. Oh hip hop, don't you ever stop being cheeky. Don't you dare!

V-Slash, who appears often on this mixtape, is also on this song. He's alright. IMHO, he sounds a lot like DJ Paul, except younger and less hard (mega-pause?). Project Pat does this thing. Juicy J owns this track in my opinion by remaining ever the gentleman

"Wagon wheels sitting so tall, hoes smiling
Maybe you can lick my balls when I'm driving
Miss Carhopper, blow me pleeease
Silicone or reality, show me D's"

What? He said please. What more do you want? If you ask me, he's ready for an appearance on Oprah.

You can download the whole tape over at
Traps 'n Trunks. There's apparently a Juicy J solo album called 'Hustle Til I Die' coming out in June. Nice! Btw, where's that solo DJ Paul record you guys???

P.S Hearing that Isaac Hayes sample has me wanting to listen to a) Jay's 'Can I Live' b) an Isaac Hayes album. I think I'm gonna go ahead and do both.

Single, Please Mingle: Rick Ross "Cigar Music"

Rick Ross - Cigar Music

So what happens when you decide to transcribe Rick Ross verses twice in a row? Will our world as we know it collapse into nothingness? I might be slightly off with this claim but I'm pretty sure this is the exact premise of that one famous Stephen Hawking book.

Here we go again:

"Uhhhh, Uhhhhh. I'm so compassionate with my compositions. Check.

Fascinated with foreign felines, since I was knee high
The cigar got me buzzin like a beehive
Fuck my old chick, I'm riding with my new thing
In her blue jeans, panties like shoe strings
Most wanted, I'm Bin Laden on a beat nigga
Rubber band, jeans sagging to my feet nigga
Hundred grand for the wagon and the feet (fiat?) nigga
Black flaggin' , bragging I'm a street nigga
On the grind, lil rappers wanna eat with us
Tryin' to shine like Birdman teeth glitters
VMA, fine time just to creep with her
So coincidental, walking down the street with her
My loose cheese scooped up the Gucci
In two weeks, I flew through the boutiques
She get her time limit when I let her go and shop
Cruisin in the car, clip the cuban at the top
Niggas know that my tecs explode
Down to go toe-to-toe before Tecmo Bowl
Biggest boss in the game, chatter I never mind that
Coz if it mattered, C-Murder would go diamond
I reflect as I riding in my Rolls Royce
Get respect coz I give these hoes no choice."

And that's just the first verse! The dude is on-point lyrically and the strings are luscious like whoa, yknow? I'm so salty that this track isn't on my copy of Deeper Than Rap. It's apparently a bonus track on certain copies of Deeper Than Rap. It can also be found on the Deeper than Maybach Music mixtape, which is where I first heard it.

Single, Please Mingle: Rick Ross "Blame It Remix"

Blame It Remix - Rick Ross feat. Young Jeezy, T-Pain & Lil Wayne

First things first. It's May 2nd and I still L.O.V.E the original version of 'Blame it on the Alcohol.' This is exactly the kinda pop music I wanna bond and fall in love with every year. I should know better by now but that flirty beat manages to get into my pants every. single. time. I'm guessing that this specific remix has been out for quite awhile now, but I just heard it on Ross' Deeper than Maybach Music mixtape last week, so here we are.

Kinda crazy how much Ross has stepped his game up, right? I'm totally not mad at Deeper than Rap staying posted up at #1. A year ago, if you had told me that I'd be hitting rewind on a Rick Ross verse, I'd have thrown blazing hot, spicy curry in your face. And then as you'd cry out WTF! in sheer agony, I'd yell: SAUCE! Well, I'd probably yell SAUUUWSS!! to be specific, but you get the idea.

But yes, much like most of Deeper than Rap, Rick Ross totally runs this record. T-Pain's original verse on the track remains kinda unfuckwithable, and Jeezy and Wayne submit decent verses but Ross isn't fazed at all. Like many of you, I thought Ross would go down in rap history as the flubbery dude with the Boobie Boys t-shirt who rapped "Atlantic" with "Atlantic" But here he is, making his way into the limelight with a force of personality and a rhyme book that's hard to dismiss. This is as close as he might get to doing his Pharoahe Monch-lite impression, but I applaud the attempt. Actually fuck that. I don't want to make it seem like I'm somehow being generous in accepting his verse. I genuinely like this.

Heck, I've rewinded it enough times to transcribe it straight from memory.

"The homies flag like confederates,
I move fast, body bags in Conneticut
You niggas delicate, I'm the best, tell a friend
My sex excellent, Ciara celebant
Breathing on her neck, she can smell the peppermint
I know you playin' son, look at how you dressin' em
He's an embarrasment, Shaniqua call him harassment
Wanna chastise me about parentin'?
I'm buring Cali weed, punishing this parody
Fly to Venezuela just to watch the monkeys feed
But back to Ciara, baby you looking nice
Tell me what I'm looking like, I caught you looking at me twice
Pinky ring with the pink stones,
Popped a pink pill, think I took Pink home
Don't blink holmes, coz I'm too quick
Everyday she wanna hit me on with some new shit
When it comes to women, I ain't gotta fantasize
Mental rolodex, need a sec to analyze
Ross enjoying life, look at what I advertize
Tony Yayo couldn't tell you how to phantom ride
He's a monkey, I own tigersss
Every thing I touch is on fire
It's deeper than rap, yeah I call it promo
Sorry I gotta go, the hoes need photos."

Internal rhymes with a lisp FTW!

P.S When Ross mentions "Breathing on her neck, she can smell the peppermint" I choose to assume that he's talking about actual peppermint. He's probably not but the mental image of Ross creeping up to Ciara, with his breath smelling like peppermint is just too awesome to avoid.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anal-ytical Appreciation: Solange 'T.O.N.Y'

I know I'm mad late in posting this but with this video now being a regular in the BET Now rotation, I can not hold my silence any longer.

First things first, I don't plan on making any 'ignored-sister-living-in-the-shadow-of Beyonce's-badonkadonk' jokes. Too easy. Plus, I actually think she's doing pretty okay for herself. Her attempt to create her own lane in the game is respectable, if nothing else. Secondly, nothing against this song. In fact, I really like it. Come to think of it, the video is pretty alright too.

Just one teeny, tiny issue.

If you fast forward to 2.25 secs into the video, you will notice a disturbing extended sequence of Solange taking a pregnancy test. Um correct me if I'm wrong but she seems to be making sexytime faces when taking the pregnancy test. Now Solange, I know you're involved in some
safe-sex awareness initiatives. That's cool, much respect. But you don't have to glamourize the experience to the point where it looks sexy. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think you're supposed to have an orgasm when you pee. If you ask me, that's a biological disorder that needs to be checked out (Sidenote: Actually, can you imagine the wonderful joys such a medical disorder would bring to your life? I'd be drinking water allll daaaaay.)

Or maybe it's just a case where she wasn't informed about proper procedures. Allow me: Dear Solange. You're supposed to pee on it, not use it as a dildo. Love, Me.

I could have been asleep right now, if it wasn't for T.O.N.Y

PSA: Young Dro Interview

OKKK. I know what you're thinking. Am I accepting payola from Young Dro's camp? Well, no. Unless you count happiness as a bribe. But I wouldn't mind the money, just for the record. The Superstore next to my house is having a ridiculoid sale on confectionery items this week. I'm starving. Just so you know. No pressure.

Anyways watch the video, Dro fans. Notable fact highlight includes him informing us that there's gonna be two Dro mixtapes on the horizon before the release of P.O.L.O: "Can't Touch This" and "Metaphor Madness" Yes!

He also drops a line from the upcoming Metaphor Madness project.

"I'm a karate country nigga, Bruce Lee an' Rhymes."

'Enter the Dragon' and
'How Do I Live' fans REJOICE

P.S Video spotted at NahRight

Single, Please Mingle: Playboy Tre 'Movin Dem Keys'

Weird. On paper, I shouldn't like this guy. Not in the least bit. I mean, I'm the kinda rap fan that genuinely believes in 'swag'. I'm all about personality and flair and style. Playboy Tre is just so back-to-basics. He's just rapping. That's pretty much all he's doing. Rapping. No crazy promo beef. No big budget videos. No novelty dances. No autotune. No crazy production showcases. Just rapping. Once he gets a pocket to rap, he just fills every inch of it with words. Like he thinks that he might not get another chance. Stylistically speaking, he's so much of an anti-Jeezy-type that his signature adlib is, I shit you not, "Naaaaaah." He's just rapping, armed with an everyman spirit and a focussed vibe. Its totally weird for me to even be remotely interested in something like this, especially in 09. But I am. Weird.

"Movin Dem Keys" is off his new mixtape "Liquor Store Mixtape." The Ishereal-produced beat's one of these slowly building thingamijigs, solitary piano prods gradually making friends with light percussion and lush strings.

"And while you hollerin 'bout moving keys, and blowing Gs/we trynna get up out of these streets" Tre raps on this. Umm did Tre just put his rap grind above petty drug hustles? He obviously didn't get the "I'm a Hustler, Not a Rapper" email that Jay-Z forwarded to our generation. Tre check your inbox again, dude, its probably just buried somewhere in your junk folder.

This mixtape might not be as good as his last tape, Goodbye America, but give this guy a shot if you already haven't. He's a rapper. Weird.

P.S Sorry don't have a link for the track, but you can cop a
download of the tape via Cocaine Blunts.
P.P.S Video preview was spotted over at NahRight

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Curren$y's 'Blown Away'

I'm only on my fourth spin of Curren$y's debut album "This Ain't No Mixtape," but I think its a solid outing. Taking into account the barrage of mixtapes that he's served up in the last year alone, it certainly feels weird placing the word 'debut' right next to the Hot Spitta. I'm definitely glad that the production, handled entirely by Monsta Beatz, has a lot in common with my favourite Curren$y mixtape 'Fear And Loathing in New Orleans' i.e Its got a sound grounded in a glossy mix of synth and soul.

Now since the lead single, "Scared of Monsters" has already made its blog rounds, I'm posting another album highlight: 'Blown Away'. Scared of Monsters might make your trunk rattle more, but I think Blown Away is a bit more representative of the album's jet-set sound. The beat's designed to make you feel like royalty - Rich creamy synths anchored by some bitchslappin' bass. Winner!

I dunno why, its not like he's even close to being my favourite under rated rapper or anything, but I'd really like to see Curren$y succeed. Probably because of the fact that despite a frustrating 'career' where numerous labels held him on standby status for criminally long periods, Curren$y remains a lovable stoner with a never-say-die attitude and an admirable grind.

He might look perpetually blissed-out but the dude's got a good head on his shoulders and takes all the drama into stride. For proof, peep how he starts his first verse:

"Raps, I bust 'em

Problems with my life, don't discuss 'em
Coups & jets, I lust them
Can't hear them haters talk, I'm above them
But they push me to do it, that's why I love them
Fitting snug in the chevy seat,
Niggas see the future that's ahead of me,
and wish that it would cease to be
Buzz increasing till it became a bang
Jet planes in the building, bitch we do our thang"

See? No bitching or inflated sense of entitlement there. Dude just keeps it moving. And that certainly is a refreshing attitude to have these days.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Soulja Boy feat. Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo 'Gucci Bandana'

So over the weekend, Jordan's twitter alerted me towards the fact that Soulja Boy's 'Gucci Bandana' finally got a video. My weekend just went from awesome to awesomer there.

Quick thoughts:

1) The piano stab beat might be basic, but it means business.

2) Soulja Boy does a pretty good job of holding his ground against his idol. Given the timing of Gucci's release from jail, I'm sure many of us are tempted to write this off as a case of Soulja piggybacking off of Gucci's buzz, but Gucci has just as much, if not more, to gain via the exposure of this collabo. This is definitely one of the tracks that has me questioning my avoidance of 'iSouljaboytellem'.

3) Now onto Gucci. I think we've heard waaay more fun and engaging performances from him, but right now its just hard to ignore the excitement that he brings to the table just by being there. And I have to co-sign the
observation that he seems strangely humble and genuinely shy and overwhelmed at the batshit crazy hypestorm celebrating his return. He just seems so much more subdued than what you'd typically expect from a rapper of the moment, no? Self assured maybe, but almost like a talent show contestant who just stumbled onto stardom. Then again, maybe we should know better than to expect a typically obvious, over-the-top, Welcome Back video moment from him. The scene from the video at 0.39 secs, where Gucci raises his Gucci bandana steadily in the air, is all he probably needs to say to both his well-wishers and his haters. Bandana fluttering freely in the wind and in your face. It's understated but yknow powerful & triumphant at the same time.

4) The OJ Da Juiceman-style abrupt Ays. Who did that? I assumed it was Soulja Boy aping OJ when I first heard it, but now I'm not sure. I don't see OJ in the vid, do you? Anyway, this might as well be the star player on the beat. Call OJ a one trick pony if you must but geez what a trick. That Ay is so very full of life. Dripping with happiness and excitement and fear and anger and paranoia and get the picture. Its kinda like what I expect Guantanomo Bay prisoners to sound like when their testicles get torture zapped. I meant that in a good way but it came out all wrong. Sorry, no disrespect to anyone.

5) Let's talk about Shawty Lo. Actually let's not. Someone pass the poor guy a Halls mint. But no water. You know his type multiplies with that.

6) I had originally intended to add an awesome Soulja Boy-related anecdote here, but I don't like seeing long posts, so I'll leave that out for now. Another post maybe.

7) I do not have a bandana on me, so when I rock to this joint in my room I'll be swag splashing with my bath towel, thank you very much

8) Gucci Bandana. Gucci Gucci Bandana Ay! Gucci Bandana. Gucci Gucci Bandana Ay!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Rich Boy 'It's Over'

K, now this is a tune, Rich Boy. From the look of things, this song might have been released before the Pacc Man mixtape, but I just caught it right now. Sue me late police.

Rich Boy spits some typical Rich Boy stuff, brimming full of fierce energy and confidence despite the fact that he's mining well-worn territory, flossing the good life in your face: cars, chauffeurs, champagne et al. Atleast for me, with Rich Boy, its always been less about the content, and more about how he delivers it. That being said, I find the song's opening bars demonstrating a hint of dry humour. The following is spit with a straight face: "Apologizing to you haters, forgive me I'm sorry/For disrespecting everybody and driving ferraris." Grrr, I ride public transportation dude. Anyways, I think that kind of lighthearted smugness deserves an asshole LOL. An ASSHOLOL, if you will.

Now Rich Boy's cool and all but make no mistake though, the spacey Drumma Boy beat is here to win your hearts. I especially like how well-restrained it stays during the verses -There's lots of cool shit going on but it stays sneakily subtle for the most part, the twinkles never overpowering the beat, the airy guitar licks continuing to quietly noodle and build before fizzling into the now trademark Drumma Boy lazergasm. And you think its over but then BOOM! SURPRISE! The mighty chorus arrives in spectacularly grand fashion, all glitz and glory, gliding in slow motion, riding right past us unworthy haters. And poof, its over. Gone. It didn't even nod at our general direction, dude! The nerve!

Pssh asshole beat thinks its better than ME. I don't need that bourgie beat anyway.

*Quietly hits replay*

PS. Track was spotted over at Traps N Trunks, where you can
copp a zshare download. (You obviously do, hater, don't lie)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: feat.Young Noble "My S.W.A.G Is Up"

Ayee Ayeeee Ayeeee Ayeeee. WhatWhatWhatWhat!

Oh hai there, didn't notice you were waiting. I was just jamming to my latest fucking jam,'s 'My Swag Is Up'. Yeah man, I really did mention the word 'jam' in relation a Dead Prez-related track. Yes I used 'swag' unironically. Yeah, it is 2009. No, I haven't been downing NyQuil again. Jeez what's with all these weird questions, B? I need to get back to jamming to my fucking jam.

So now I feel like a total douchebag and a half for ignoring's solo debut, 'Manhood' (yknow the one with
the cover that matches the pause-worthiness of its title? I know atleast 2 reliable people who said it was actually worth my time). My excuse is decent: Back when 'Hip Hop' first hit the tv screens, I was like "Oh shit, new favourite rap group alert." But then these guys just fucked their momentum up, release after release. Its not even the preachy politics that bothered me. I can live with that. Hell, if I can rock to well-crafted coke rap, I'm sure I can rock to well-crafted down-with-the-establishment, conspiracy theorist rap. Its just the quality of music that kept disappointing. I was like, why is supposedly militant music sounding so limp and passive? But enough of me bitching. Let's celebrate the good times at hand.

I am seriously feeling this track you guys. I'm such a sucker for those strings. Lyrically, ditches the protestor bark for smooth persuasion- There's no finger pointing or admonishment or condescension of any kind. Instead, there is a celebration around the joys of liberation. He's nourished by knowledge. His heart beats courage. He's focussed, feeling good vibrations. His Swag is Up. He realizes that you've all been grinding hard for your own personal advancement, and so sometimes its all about taking your shirt off and toasting the good life. Let's do this!

Young Noble, from the fucking Outlawz, shows up for some reason. He's not bad. I like the 'You ain't gotta like it, just respect the game, how I shine so bright without rocking a chain' line despite its borderline cliche-ness. I'm glad he's having a good time. I do, however, disapprove of him repping a glass of white wine. Duuuude! How're you gonna show up in a dead prez-affiliated video and go for the WHITE wine. SMH.

Anyways , I sorta really hate myself for making you read so much when all you really should be doing is jamming to this fucking jam. So please, just hit play.

Sticman raps, "My mojo up, I'm doing my thang/I got that glow, I'm on my game/ I'm blowin on haze, my future so bright, I gotta rock my shades." YES! CO-SIGN (except the smoking, I have allergies. Sorry)

My Swag is up. My Swag is Up. Say Whaaaaattt!

P.S Video was spotted at Nah Right, where you can peep
more details

Single, Please Mingle: Rich Boy feat. Al Myte & Supa Villain 'Ferrari Motor'

Rich Boy's new mixtape 'Pacc Man' is just alright. You probably could've just guessed that by glancing at the tracklisting. Its weedcarrier-friendly for sure, but there are a couple of tracks that would be perfectly at home on the splendid 'Bigger Than The Mayor' mixtape.

I'm guessing you've already heard the fantastic 'Drop Top' somewhere (You might remember it as that song where he goes 'Money makes her pussy wetter, college make her head better'), so I'm posting another standout: mixtape closer 'Ferrari Motor'

I didn't think a heavy dose of twinkles would work against church organ laments, but it totally does on this track. I sorta like the chorus' utilitarian twist on fast-cars-brag-rap. They're not just products of flashy extravagance or empty posturing here: "Tell me how the fuck the police gonna catch me and pull me up?" Or as Rich Boy stresses later "My swag 100, my drop 160, my motor 350, how the fuck they gonna get me?" You know this dude is the type that's always hysterically rooting for the crazies on 'World's Most Insane Car Chases'-type shows.

Although the latter half of the track misses Rich Boy's passion, Supa Villain (Really dude? Do you not know that Doom is still alive?) and Al Myte (If you had referred to yourself as Al Myte Mouse, I might've been seriously intrigued. But you didn't. Name game FAIL) do a decent job of not ruining the song.

PSA: Dro

Dro Speaks from Urban News Network on Vimeo.

OKKK. So, its a long weekend. Easter's just around the corner. The weather isn't displaying any signs of bitchassness. There is ample opportunity for copious amounts of cocoa to be consumed. Chocolate farts are destined to make love to your atmosphere. Nah Right has informed you that there is now a site called "" It has a video of Dro being Dro, set against the musical backdrop of James Brown's The Payback.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Project Pat feat. Gucci Mane 'Bang Smack'

This new Project Pat record couldn't have come at a better time. I need some new Hypnotize Minds in my life (There's only so many times I can keep listening to 'Da Unbreakables' on repeat). Breihan seems to think 'Real Recognize Real' is Pat's best record yet. I can't comment on that because I haven't heard his first three records yet (Embarassing, I know). I will say this: the more I listen to 'Real Recognize Real', the more I seem to like it. There isn't, however, anything on here that I love to pieces, say, like 'Finna Start Robbin', off of Pat's last record.

Anyways, 'Bang Smack' is one of my favourite cuts on this new record, right next to I Be Fresh, and Choppa to Ya Dome. Production is on point, but Pat manages to steal the limelight with these lol-ariously gross lines: "I stroke it long and hard, making sounds of a plunger...pluchkapluchkapluchkapluchkapluchka, like a plunger." He had to add in the actual sounds after the line because yknow there's a strong chance that your feeble imagination wasn't crystal clear about conjuring up the mental image of this whole Project Pat Plunger sexnoise scenario. Onomatopoeia dystopia, dudes! My mind has been slightly scarred.

About Gucci's verse. I was gonna say it was pretty meh, but I find myself constantly rewinding the part where Gucci goes (from what I can make out): "Big Booty girl, lay googly moogly, I'm Gucci Gucci, city (something) jury crazy scoochie." I checked with the almighty Google gods to to see if they could decipher Gucci's verse and
this was the closest I got. I see you laughing hard at my pain, internets!

I'm hoping this album keeps us occupied until that DJ Paul solo record drops.

P.S Dear Three 6 Mafia, please get your shit together and release another great album! I would like to be compelled to bitchslap strangers in the face, just for the heck of it. Love (Pause), A Fan