Saturday, January 31, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Nipsey Hussle's 'Hussle in the House'

If you still haven't heard this, its obviously because you have issues with the name Nipsey Hussle. Me tooo, dude! It sounds like something related to a nipple slip, doesn't it? I mean, what kind of hustle is built on nipple slips, I ask? What kind of dough does a nippleslip-based hustle garner? With that cute a name, is he allowed to hustle outside Sesame Street? So many questions, so little time. I wish dude would just clarify the origins of his name. Etymology ain't my forte, holmes.

But then this tracks knocks, and all is forgiven. At the start of the song, I believe dude raps that "I'm turned up, coz I grew up in the 60s." Huh? WE DONT BELIEEEEVE YOUUUU, YOU NEEED MORE WRINKLES! Is he gonna pretend like he's the West Cost Benjamin Button? Btw, did you notice that Snoop Dogg shows up for a brief second at the end of the video? Probably to collect royalties for Nipsey's lanky South Central swag. Its sooo cold in the LBC, vato.

Speaking of the video, it is apparently directed by DantheMan. Is he like the new Rik Cordero? Must be on the come-up, coz I've been seeing his name
a lot lately. Remember all those Prodigy videos? Those Termanology videos ? That Maino video? Who is this DantheMan anyway? If you merely answer with "he is the man," I may mercilessly lash you with my Pull 'n Peel Twizzler knots.

Regardless, the track bangs. Do you smell a G-funk resurgence? No? That must be the grimy aroma of my armpits then. Mean mugging at my computer screen takes a lot out of me.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

PSA: Skunk Fu Rap

So, earlier this Saturday, I was kicking back with a glass of sweet, sweet, chocolate milk, hoping to catch Spongebob on the tube, when this cartoon 'Skunk Fu!' popped up on the screen. The first thing that came to mind was something along the lines of: hey look, someone decided to ride the wave of Kung Fu Panda's popularity into a lame spinoff. But then I was like whatever maybe I should stick around and see if it ends up being something awesome ala Samurai Jack. It wasn't.

I mean, the episode I watched wasn't terrible really ('evil ninja monkey stealing antiques' plot was alright, visuals were nice). That being said, it just wasn't skip-proof against the omnipotent remote control surf, yknow? But then the show's title sequence (seen above) came on. And I was like "WHAT THE BLAGOJEVICH?? IS THAT GHOSTFACE RAPPING THE THEME??"

Update: My superior google search skills tell me that Skunk Fu is supposed to be an
award winning cartoon, and that it is indeed Ghostface who's rapping the theme. So there. I guess Sun God's gotta eat somehow. *Theodore Unit breathes a synchronized sigh of relief*

The song's not bad at all. Well, duh douchebag, some of you say, its pretty hard for the legendary Ghostdeini to suck viciously. Agreed. Here's the
full length version of the theme featuring Cilvaringz & Shawn Wiggs in case anyone's curious. Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna actually go revisit the 'Big Doe Rehab.'

Friday, January 23, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Keak Da Sneak's 'That Go'

Lagging soo far behind on this one, they wouldn't even look at my late pass application.

So like, I've already heard people mumbling about Keak da Sneak's latest release - that 'Welcome to Scokland' album w/ San Quinn. Which is weird coz I just discovered Keak's 08 album "Deified" 2 weeks ago. Man, I love the Bay Area hip hop scene, but can we please get a little promo outside the Yay? OKKK maybe you just caught me sleeping on the short bus again, but you gotta admit Keak's a textbook example of how fascinatingly insular the Bay Area hip hop scene can be. Here's a Bay Area legend (one who arguably invented the term "hyphy") who's 18 albums deep into his career, and we're barely exposed to any promo for his records. I guess locally confined music distribution isn't too bad if your scene has uber-loyal fans that support you but still.. The mainstream could really use some of this adventurous stuff. Just sayin'. Imagine Rick Rock & Droop-E on your FM dial.

Anyways, despite the fact that I'm not that familiar with Keak's catalogue ( technically I've only heard three other full length records from this man), this album was kind of a disappointment for me. I always expect some ridonkulous hyphy beat to grab my attention on a Keak record, because his voice is, as you all know, an acquired taste. In case you're wondering, he sounds sorta like a pitbull with a severe case of strep throat. The first time I heard him, I was like thissss close to mailing him my barely-used bottle of Robitussin.

The beat isn't hyphy at all. Its produced by Mozart (?) and features Prodigy and Alchemist (why?) on the mic. I guess the basic creepazoid beat is what gets me, coz the verses certainly don't. Prodigy's verse is just ...there. Here's one of his charming couplets : "heh, heh,heh, heh, heh / P for President." Keak bizarrely brags about going "like rush hour traffic in the fast track, in the carpool lane." Ok snitching on yourself regarding using the carpool lane illegally is kind of lol-arious, but how fast is rush hour traffic in the fast track, dude? I must be missing something here. Alchemist gets the last verse. I was expecting him to be the voice of reason here, but he starts w/ the following bars: "I'm off the chain, nah doggy, I break the cable / I'm mentally retarded, I'm straight disabled." Oooh-kay then. *rolls eyes like a 13 year old girl* Just in case you might mistake "mentally retarded" for a metaphor or a simile, Alc stresses the " just straight disabled." Thanks for clearing that one up, dude.

Also, pardon my square-ass, but what is "that go"? I'd really, really like to know.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Fabo's 'Spaceship Man'

Extreme Makeover: Hood Edition

Oh hells yeah, broseph. This track was soo nice, So Many Shrimp had to post it twice. Props x10.

I suspect that a certain subset of "real" rap fans might violently disregard this coz they associate D4L with the deterioration of hip hop in the 21st century. Being a non-real rap fan, I obviously fall in the pro-Fabo camp. Say what you will about how ubiquitous Laffy Taffy was, but I still love Fabo's verse on it - For Scarlett Johansson's sake, his verse starts with "I'm looking for Mrs Bubblegum, I'm Mr Chickostick, I wanna dun-nuh-nuh, coz you so thick!" How could you in good conscience hate someone who uses 'dun-nuh-nuh' as a verb, holmes? That whole verse right there is straight caramel corn wrapped in cotton candy, comrades.

But then post-D4L, the solo record that many hoped for never dropped. Which is seriously mean and unfair, considering that even Shawty Lo ( aka Mr "Why won't T.I accept my Facebook friend request? Happiness is facebook poke-ing him until death do us part") got to drop one. In the interim, Fabo did release 'Geek'd Up Muzik', a mixtape collabo-of-sorts with Young Dro (!). On paper, this obviously looks like a mind blowingly brilliant endeavour, but in reality it turned out to be nothing to write home about. Honestly it was far from a terrible disappointment for me, but it seemed more like a quickly-cobbled appetizer than the full-course meal fans were fiending for. I'm told he did release a few other mixtapes since then, but I personally haven't heard anything else from him ever since.

Until now. 'Spaceship' is solid Fabo fare. Extra-enthusiastic, super-excited soul hop. Preaching the geeked-up gospel. I really, really, really like it. Man, if the American govt can dish out huge economic stimulus packages (pause?) to incompetent industry executives, why can't some record company spare a few thousand dollars to put out a full length record from this guy? Koch, where you at? Le sigh @ you mofos. Incarcerate Shawty Lo. Free Fabo!

There's a line in this song where Fabo goes "I live for thrills, the spaceship is real." Oh believe you me dude, I totally believe you.

Update: The Almighty Wikipedia prophesizes that a Fabo full-length album called "
LeFabian Stories" is gonna drop in 2009. Take us higher, Xenu.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Dro's 'Green Light'

So yeah, 'Black Boy, White Boy' - Pretty big letdown huh? I mean, its not like I was expecting this mixtape to save my life or anything - That'd be unreasonable. I was just expecting it to bitchslap winter and drag summer all the way to my doorstep. Fair enough, right? But nah, just as I'm prepping to kick back with Dro's A-game, his delivery and lyrical flourishes decide to book a vacay. Insert severely sad face emoticon.

Oh well, onto anticipating the album. The mixtape may have been a fuckup, but he's got way
too much potential for anyone to be easily dismissing him.

On the faintly brightside though, Dro does submit his application to rewrite your fave rappa-turnt-sanga list. This is Exhibit 1 - Dro crooning over
John Legend's 'Green Light' (You could say he's taking his 'I am Legend' mixtape title to the next level here). Its pretty short sure, but Dro finds a sweet spot and kinda slays it. Though he chooses to faithfully ride Legend's cadence (pause?), his lyrical reworking of the track is pretty much seamless, courtesy the fact that he's got a great voice (sans autotune, say what 2009!)

But lest you think he's a softie, or just in case you forgot who he was, he starts the track off by deftly sliding you his business card: "I got your girlfriend you already know/and she's got a girlfriend, you know 'bout Young Dro now." Yurp, there's that trademark glee shining through.

This track is a bonus for those who actually like the original 'Green Light', but can't stand to listen to it because of John Legend's presence on it. Which yknow I totally understand. I know, I know - There's actually nothing majorly offensive about John's adult contemporary musical steez, its just that his weird Sting-like aura creeps you out. Right? Oh yeah, I totally agree, he does seem like someone who enjoys taking bubble baths daily, complete with a couple of rubber duckies and an army of aromatic Body Shop candles. And yeah, he totally does seem like the type of guy who slips his hand in through his shirt and rubs his chest suggestively whenever he talks to you. All the more reason for you to be bumping this track.

Exhibit 2 of Dro's 'I-can-sang-though' submission for those interested

Saturday, January 10, 2009

PSA: Young Dro Mixtape Coming Soon!

This piece of a pleasant surprise was spotted over @ NahRight. Tis a promo holla for Young Dro's upcoming mixtape "Black Boy, White Boy" ( i.e Black Boy Swag, White Boy Tags, you dig?)

I highly recommend that you just hit play to bask in Dro's infectious enthusiasm, but for those too lazy, here's a quick synopsis. Notable highlights of the video include:

1) Dro informing us that his 'Black Boy, White Boy' mixtape w/ Yung LA & DJ Infamous will be dropping soon (The 'DJ Infamous as host' info is appreciated since I like to stretch and warm up two weeks in advance to prepare myself for mixtape DJ shoutouts. Knowing whose shrieks are gonna be violating my listening experience eases my anxiety quite a bit)

2) Dro blending a few choice album lines into his promo shout out. More specifically, lines interspersed within this promo pitch include instantly recognizable favourites such as "I'm fashionably sensitive, but too cool to care", "My nickname's schoolboy, but ain't nobody learnin' me"

3) Dro repeatedly reminding us that he spends 5Gs on an outfit (every week, all the way down to the socks) - I wish I could relate dude, but I can't coz I shop almost exclusively out of Walmart's clearance aisles. Thats how I roll, son. No-Name Swag, Child Labour Tags. Best believe that.

4) Dro mentioning that his sophomore album's gonna be retitled from "The Young & the Restless" to "P.O.L.O (Players Only Live Once)"

5) Dro revealing that he wears so much Polo that these hoes think he's horsing around.

6) Dro signing off with "I'm in my own world, trick, we on different earth-es" Interesting that he claims to be on a different earth, as opposed to claiming to being from a different planet altogether (like every other rapper does right now). Step your game up, wannabe weirdo rappers. Whatchuknow about parallel universes?

Fingers crossed supertight that both the mixtape and the album actually drop this year. My Djimon-dark computer speakers and my brinjal-bright ipod need that Jackie Chan in it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Electrik Red's 'Drink in my Cup'

They don't see you haters

Fader just dropped another single from these girls, so I thought I'd revisit their single from last year - 'Drink in my Cup' is a track that, as far as I know, didn't receive any airplay whatsoever. Electrik Red, for those of you who may not be aware, is The-Dream's protege girl group on his Radio Killa (semi-lol) imprint. The dude's got enough cred for me to want to check out his weedcarrier's interns. So, here we are.

The beat sounds like ultra lite-Three 6 Mafia, recontextualized for a girls night out. A girl's fight out, more likely. The synths feed the zombies. You'd think the girls would play vampires in the video. But they don't go the horrorcore route. They aim for that sexy yet street vibe instead. Rap needs to watch its back. And its block. R&B keeps wanting in on that punch-you-in-your-face-music loot (Word to Raekwon). If you care about your physical well being, you better buy her a drink, is all I'm saying.

This song's hook (sung by an efficient Kelis clone) exclaims: "So get up on me baby like you wanna do me, right here..." This would have been pretty hot were it not for the visuals
1.50 secs into the video - Here you witness the girls grinding and writhing in unison all over a club's bathroom stalls. Man, even cold blooded killers stay away from the realm of public bathrooms. The souls of the damned roam restlessly in those stalls. It is a zone where mankind automatically devolves into apekind. It is where the end of human civilization begins. Shit is scary, son. My point is, if you do take her up on her "get up on me" offer, just know this - Drinks in her cup, crabs in your crotch.

Ever since its release, this has been an anthem for each time I down a cup o' Sunny D. I haven't heard anything else from these girls (aside from this other single, that is), but in the spirit of a new year, here's to hoping. I'm optimistic. Cheers.