Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Electrik Red's 'Drink in my Cup'

They don't see you haters

Fader just dropped another single from these girls, so I thought I'd revisit their single from last year - 'Drink in my Cup' is a track that, as far as I know, didn't receive any airplay whatsoever. Electrik Red, for those of you who may not be aware, is The-Dream's protege girl group on his Radio Killa (semi-lol) imprint. The dude's got enough cred for me to want to check out his weedcarrier's interns. So, here we are.

The beat sounds like ultra lite-Three 6 Mafia, recontextualized for a girls night out. A girl's fight out, more likely. The synths feed the zombies. You'd think the girls would play vampires in the video. But they don't go the horrorcore route. They aim for that sexy yet street vibe instead. Rap needs to watch its back. And its block. R&B keeps wanting in on that punch-you-in-your-face-music loot (Word to Raekwon). If you care about your physical well being, you better buy her a drink, is all I'm saying.

This song's hook (sung by an efficient Kelis clone) exclaims: "So get up on me baby like you wanna do me, right here..." This would have been pretty hot were it not for the visuals
1.50 secs into the video - Here you witness the girls grinding and writhing in unison all over a club's bathroom stalls. Man, even cold blooded killers stay away from the realm of public bathrooms. The souls of the damned roam restlessly in those stalls. It is a zone where mankind automatically devolves into apekind. It is where the end of human civilization begins. Shit is scary, son. My point is, if you do take her up on her "get up on me" offer, just know this - Drinks in her cup, crabs in your crotch.

Ever since its release, this has been an anthem for each time I down a cup o' Sunny D. I haven't heard anything else from these girls (aside from this other single, that is), but in the spirit of a new year, here's to hoping. I'm optimistic. Cheers.

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