Monday, January 19, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Fabo's 'Spaceship Man'

Extreme Makeover: Hood Edition

Oh hells yeah, broseph. This track was soo nice, So Many Shrimp had to post it twice. Props x10.

I suspect that a certain subset of "real" rap fans might violently disregard this coz they associate D4L with the deterioration of hip hop in the 21st century. Being a non-real rap fan, I obviously fall in the pro-Fabo camp. Say what you will about how ubiquitous Laffy Taffy was, but I still love Fabo's verse on it - For Scarlett Johansson's sake, his verse starts with "I'm looking for Mrs Bubblegum, I'm Mr Chickostick, I wanna dun-nuh-nuh, coz you so thick!" How could you in good conscience hate someone who uses 'dun-nuh-nuh' as a verb, holmes? That whole verse right there is straight caramel corn wrapped in cotton candy, comrades.

But then post-D4L, the solo record that many hoped for never dropped. Which is seriously mean and unfair, considering that even Shawty Lo ( aka Mr "Why won't T.I accept my Facebook friend request? Happiness is facebook poke-ing him until death do us part") got to drop one. In the interim, Fabo did release 'Geek'd Up Muzik', a mixtape collabo-of-sorts with Young Dro (!). On paper, this obviously looks like a mind blowingly brilliant endeavour, but in reality it turned out to be nothing to write home about. Honestly it was far from a terrible disappointment for me, but it seemed more like a quickly-cobbled appetizer than the full-course meal fans were fiending for. I'm told he did release a few other mixtapes since then, but I personally haven't heard anything else from him ever since.

Until now. 'Spaceship' is solid Fabo fare. Extra-enthusiastic, super-excited soul hop. Preaching the geeked-up gospel. I really, really, really like it. Man, if the American govt can dish out huge economic stimulus packages (pause?) to incompetent industry executives, why can't some record company spare a few thousand dollars to put out a full length record from this guy? Koch, where you at? Le sigh @ you mofos. Incarcerate Shawty Lo. Free Fabo!

There's a line in this song where Fabo goes "I live for thrills, the spaceship is real." Oh believe you me dude, I totally believe you.

Update: The Almighty Wikipedia prophesizes that a Fabo full-length album called "
LeFabian Stories" is gonna drop in 2009. Take us higher, Xenu.

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geron111 said...

maaaaan i cant WAIT till he finally releases an album he really does have some great songs hes underrated