Friday, January 23, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Keak Da Sneak's 'That Go'

Lagging soo far behind on this one, they wouldn't even look at my late pass application.

So like, I've already heard people mumbling about Keak da Sneak's latest release - that 'Welcome to Scokland' album w/ San Quinn. Which is weird coz I just discovered Keak's 08 album "Deified" 2 weeks ago. Man, I love the Bay Area hip hop scene, but can we please get a little promo outside the Yay? OKKK maybe you just caught me sleeping on the short bus again, but you gotta admit Keak's a textbook example of how fascinatingly insular the Bay Area hip hop scene can be. Here's a Bay Area legend (one who arguably invented the term "hyphy") who's 18 albums deep into his career, and we're barely exposed to any promo for his records. I guess locally confined music distribution isn't too bad if your scene has uber-loyal fans that support you but still.. The mainstream could really use some of this adventurous stuff. Just sayin'. Imagine Rick Rock & Droop-E on your FM dial.

Anyways, despite the fact that I'm not that familiar with Keak's catalogue ( technically I've only heard three other full length records from this man), this album was kind of a disappointment for me. I always expect some ridonkulous hyphy beat to grab my attention on a Keak record, because his voice is, as you all know, an acquired taste. In case you're wondering, he sounds sorta like a pitbull with a severe case of strep throat. The first time I heard him, I was like thissss close to mailing him my barely-used bottle of Robitussin.

The beat isn't hyphy at all. Its produced by Mozart (?) and features Prodigy and Alchemist (why?) on the mic. I guess the basic creepazoid beat is what gets me, coz the verses certainly don't. Prodigy's verse is just ...there. Here's one of his charming couplets : "heh, heh,heh, heh, heh / P for President." Keak bizarrely brags about going "like rush hour traffic in the fast track, in the carpool lane." Ok snitching on yourself regarding using the carpool lane illegally is kind of lol-arious, but how fast is rush hour traffic in the fast track, dude? I must be missing something here. Alchemist gets the last verse. I was expecting him to be the voice of reason here, but he starts w/ the following bars: "I'm off the chain, nah doggy, I break the cable / I'm mentally retarded, I'm straight disabled." Oooh-kay then. *rolls eyes like a 13 year old girl* Just in case you might mistake "mentally retarded" for a metaphor or a simile, Alc stresses the " just straight disabled." Thanks for clearing that one up, dude.

Also, pardon my square-ass, but what is "that go"? I'd really, really like to know.


Anonymous said...

hmm, so let me help you out...i skimmed your blog because i originally thought it was about something else, im assuming from what i read you aren't from the bay.

"like rush hour traffic in the fast track, in the carpool lane." In the bay rush hour traffic across the bridge is jammed packed, the fast track lane for ppl who have in essence pre-paid their toll, but once they pass the toll booth, they're stuck just like everyone else. at the metering lights. they get a quick jump start but get stuck w/the pack. the carpool lane takes othr ppl w/it n takes a little lngr initially but flies past everyone in the end. get it?

that go.. lets see, THATS THE $H!T!!! its the business, its stupid, dumb n hyphy retarded. its the best ever. =) u see a girl w/a nice butt...THAT GO!, clean car...THAT GO! some nice shoes that no one has..THEM GO! if "pineapple express" was real, THAT SHHIT would GO DUMB HARD! get it?

Jay (d)eff Kay said...

read this late, but thanks whoever you are. My square ass appreciates the clarifications.