Saturday, January 10, 2009

PSA: Young Dro Mixtape Coming Soon!

This piece of a pleasant surprise was spotted over @ NahRight. Tis a promo holla for Young Dro's upcoming mixtape "Black Boy, White Boy" ( i.e Black Boy Swag, White Boy Tags, you dig?)

I highly recommend that you just hit play to bask in Dro's infectious enthusiasm, but for those too lazy, here's a quick synopsis. Notable highlights of the video include:

1) Dro informing us that his 'Black Boy, White Boy' mixtape w/ Yung LA & DJ Infamous will be dropping soon (The 'DJ Infamous as host' info is appreciated since I like to stretch and warm up two weeks in advance to prepare myself for mixtape DJ shoutouts. Knowing whose shrieks are gonna be violating my listening experience eases my anxiety quite a bit)

2) Dro blending a few choice album lines into his promo shout out. More specifically, lines interspersed within this promo pitch include instantly recognizable favourites such as "I'm fashionably sensitive, but too cool to care", "My nickname's schoolboy, but ain't nobody learnin' me"

3) Dro repeatedly reminding us that he spends 5Gs on an outfit (every week, all the way down to the socks) - I wish I could relate dude, but I can't coz I shop almost exclusively out of Walmart's clearance aisles. Thats how I roll, son. No-Name Swag, Child Labour Tags. Best believe that.

4) Dro mentioning that his sophomore album's gonna be retitled from "The Young & the Restless" to "P.O.L.O (Players Only Live Once)"

5) Dro revealing that he wears so much Polo that these hoes think he's horsing around.

6) Dro signing off with "I'm in my own world, trick, we on different earth-es" Interesting that he claims to be on a different earth, as opposed to claiming to being from a different planet altogether (like every other rapper does right now). Step your game up, wannabe weirdo rappers. Whatchuknow about parallel universes?

Fingers crossed supertight that both the mixtape and the album actually drop this year. My Djimon-dark computer speakers and my brinjal-bright ipod need that Jackie Chan in it.


josephlovesit said...

Damn, that was great. I'm gonna have to reevaluate his mixtape from last year. I like that nowadays it's more hip-hop to dress like Carlton than Fresh Prince Willy.

Jay (d)eff Kay said...

I certainly wouldnt mind reading reevaluations of 'I am Legend' by bloggers such as yourself. Especially since reviews of Dro's work tend to be just as giddily excited as his rap style. And I'm sure we all have a different set of Dro punchlines that we identify as favourites (besides the obvious fantastic car-colour brilliance).

The mixtape's already out, in case you didnt already know.(

And funny enough that you should mention his Carlton swag - the new mixtape's interludes involve Dro speaking as his white-boy alter-ego, Billy (lol @ the generic-ness of the name). And Billy does identify Dro as being the one who's dressed like he's about to go play tennis and/or golf