Saturday, January 24, 2009

PSA: Skunk Fu Rap

So, earlier this Saturday, I was kicking back with a glass of sweet, sweet, chocolate milk, hoping to catch Spongebob on the tube, when this cartoon 'Skunk Fu!' popped up on the screen. The first thing that came to mind was something along the lines of: hey look, someone decided to ride the wave of Kung Fu Panda's popularity into a lame spinoff. But then I was like whatever maybe I should stick around and see if it ends up being something awesome ala Samurai Jack. It wasn't.

I mean, the episode I watched wasn't terrible really ('evil ninja monkey stealing antiques' plot was alright, visuals were nice). That being said, it just wasn't skip-proof against the omnipotent remote control surf, yknow? But then the show's title sequence (seen above) came on. And I was like "WHAT THE BLAGOJEVICH?? IS THAT GHOSTFACE RAPPING THE THEME??"

Update: My superior google search skills tell me that Skunk Fu is supposed to be an
award winning cartoon, and that it is indeed Ghostface who's rapping the theme. So there. I guess Sun God's gotta eat somehow. *Theodore Unit breathes a synchronized sigh of relief*

The song's not bad at all. Well, duh douchebag, some of you say, its pretty hard for the legendary Ghostdeini to suck viciously. Agreed. Here's the
full length version of the theme featuring Cilvaringz & Shawn Wiggs in case anyone's curious. Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna actually go revisit the 'Big Doe Rehab.'

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