Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Dro's 'Green Light'

So yeah, 'Black Boy, White Boy' - Pretty big letdown huh? I mean, its not like I was expecting this mixtape to save my life or anything - That'd be unreasonable. I was just expecting it to bitchslap winter and drag summer all the way to my doorstep. Fair enough, right? But nah, just as I'm prepping to kick back with Dro's A-game, his delivery and lyrical flourishes decide to book a vacay. Insert severely sad face emoticon.

Oh well, onto anticipating the album. The mixtape may have been a fuckup, but he's got way
too much potential for anyone to be easily dismissing him.

On the faintly brightside though, Dro does submit his application to rewrite your fave rappa-turnt-sanga list. This is Exhibit 1 - Dro crooning over
John Legend's 'Green Light' (You could say he's taking his 'I am Legend' mixtape title to the next level here). Its pretty short sure, but Dro finds a sweet spot and kinda slays it. Though he chooses to faithfully ride Legend's cadence (pause?), his lyrical reworking of the track is pretty much seamless, courtesy the fact that he's got a great voice (sans autotune, say what 2009!)

But lest you think he's a softie, or just in case you forgot who he was, he starts the track off by deftly sliding you his business card: "I got your girlfriend you already know/and she's got a girlfriend, you know 'bout Young Dro now." Yurp, there's that trademark glee shining through.

This track is a bonus for those who actually like the original 'Green Light', but can't stand to listen to it because of John Legend's presence on it. Which yknow I totally understand. I know, I know - There's actually nothing majorly offensive about John's adult contemporary musical steez, its just that his weird Sting-like aura creeps you out. Right? Oh yeah, I totally agree, he does seem like someone who enjoys taking bubble baths daily, complete with a couple of rubber duckies and an army of aromatic Body Shop candles. And yeah, he totally does seem like the type of guy who slips his hand in through his shirt and rubs his chest suggestively whenever he talks to you. All the more reason for you to be bumping this track.

Exhibit 2 of Dro's 'I-can-sang-though' submission for those interested

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