Monday, February 9, 2009

Anal-ytical Appreciation: Radiohead @ the Grammys

Okkk, so riddle me this Batman, or we're fucking done professionally.

Why didn't Radiohead perform "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" at the Grammys? Is it because

a) Radiohead are only comfortable performing songs that compel angels to slit their wrists.
b) The grooviness that is Jigsaw Falling Into Place would result in MIA's Baby Plopping Onto Stage.

c) Huh? Whaaa? *wipes drool off face* Sorry, I just regained consciousness after having blacked out in a pool of my own vomit during Katy Perry's performance.
d) Racism - My logic is lucid, hear me out: I am Indian. Jigsaw is my favouritest track off of 'In Rainbows'. The members of Radiohead are British. There is obvious post-colonial tension between us. In an attempt to oppress and spite me, they didn't play the song. Racisthead! (Yeah, I went there)
e) They wanted to perform Jigsaw, but Chris Brown threatened to bitchslap them wall to wall if they did. Radiohead chose not to end up like Rihannahead. (Yeah I went there. Jeez stop asking me. Pssh look at you, acting like you come here to read intelligent, articulate shit)

Vote now, and vote often!

P.S Isn't Thom Yorke's swagger in this performance packing some extra heat? Thom's Down Syndrome swag is sooo > Chris Martin's Tourette tic hop. Rap Pack, fall the fuck back. Mami scream, papi no mas!

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