Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fossil Fuel: Gwar on Joan Rivers

Because I love my life, I spent a ridiculously unhealthy amount of this past weekend watching Gwar videos. If you approve of having fun, I recommend you do the same.

For those of who don't know who Gwar is, please take a stroll on their
Wikipedia page. Seriously, just browsing their wikipedia pages is an exercize in pure delight. Random Wikipedia Excerpt #1: Gwar also has a plethora of members, most of which are referred to simply under the collective label of "slaves."

They're thrash metal shock rockers with a penchant for social & political satire, basically. You might remember them from the 1993 Grammy Awards, where their video "
Phallus in Wonderland" lost to Metallica. Bummer!

Gwar's entertaining appearance on the Joan Rivers show conveniently doubles up as a great information session for those new to Gwar. I am so tempted to start listing off all the quotable shit, but that would be spilling the beans on your snazzy surprise party. I will say this though : Gwar frontman Oderus Urungus referring to his dick as the 'Cuttlefish of Cthulhu' on daytime talk tv is a personal highlight.

For those salivating for more, here's a couple of other entrees: their appearances on the
Jerry Springer show, and their splendidly badass video for 'Immortal Corruptor', where they hunt, capture, torture, skin and disembowel Osama Bin Laden. And btw before you ask, yes Immortal Corruptor does include the lines "The babies that I bake, fill a volcano / I'm clogging up the kill / My wretched baby paste requires Drano"

Random Wikipedia Excerpt #2 : " doesn't mean Gay Women Against Rape. It doesn't mean Great White Aryan Race. It doesn't mean Gay Weird Anal Reprobates. It doesn't even mean God What an Awful Racket. It just means Gwar, which means everything pretty much."

Wooohah, got you all in check. Have a happy monday, you guys!

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