Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: The-Dream's 'Rockin' that Thang'

So this Song of the Year contender (I'm soo sincerrre) finally gets a video. A few notes:

1) Captain Obvious just crossed the seven seas to tell you one thing: This song is so GOOOOOOOOOOD. Clean synths, layered harmonies, polished production. So very fresh, so very clean.

2) The song starts off with a tender "Girl I'm in love with you baby, and I want you to know." In contrast to this mushy sincerity, the ad lib of sorts that follows @ 0.35 secs i.e "Trick where you at? Well yessir..Pull the bikini out" sounds twice as hilarious. Man, I'm lol-lerblading all across the block, and all the way into summer on the strength of that one. Ay!

3) The video is directed by a 'Ray Kay'. He/she/it is not related to me, just for the record.

4) Despite having regularly rocked his debut in '08, I just realized in early '09 that The-Dream had a hyphen in his name. I've never seen someone use a hyphen to unify a 'the' to their name. Why is he so possessive of the 'the'? Is he afraid of the 'the' leaving him? Can he not just be a dream? Or just Dream? Must he be The Dream? He's got control issues is all I'm saying. Might I suggest a
shrink session?

5) Speaking of the need for shrinks, if you are someone who's easily disturbed by The-Dream's 'Furby with Stunna Shades' steez, be forewarned, he appears sunglass-less in this video. Shield your fragile eyes, fam. Lunar Eclipse! Full-on furby dude! It is best to not picture his mug each time one of his songs come on. I mean, just think of the repurcusions of the alternative. No, no, no. Lets be serious for a second. Just take a moment and seriously picture
Furby sending smoldering sexytime glares and get-in-my-bed serenades your way.

Anyways don't fight this song. Or fear it. Its already in your Valentine's Day playlist. And it has no plans of leaving.

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