Saturday, February 21, 2009

SIngle, Please Mingle: Royce da 5'9's 'A Part of Me'

"When you left, you took a part of me with you" - Oddly enough, this is exactly how I say goodbye to my poop before I flush it down the toilet.

Okkk, so I know you've already heard about it but if you haven't already, you seriously should check the latest Royce da 5'9 single. A very hardboiled noir-ish concept right here. Your boy Philip Marlowe must've been somewhere in the building, you dig? Nickel Nine as the Hip Hop Phineas Poe : Discuss.

For those interested in getting excited about Royce's latest exploits, might I suggest both Bar Exam
1 & 2, and solid blog entries from So Many Shrimp, Iche Luge Bullets and Nickel Nine stan extraordinaire, Douglas Martin. What was interesting abt David's post was that, much like the classic case for Gucci Mane as artiste that So Many Shrimp just laid the smackdown on earlier this month, he depicts Royce as an artist who's been slowly but steadily elevating his game. Its an interesting point worth another look and listen. As of right now, I see Royce more in league with consistent mixtape monsters such as Fab and Jadakiss. Like, I can totally appreciate him in this niche of fierce punchline lyricism (this term is strangely used in a derogatory manner in most circles but I'm a huge fan of punchlines, so fuck the haters), but I wouldn't be surprised if dude did a two-step towards bigger things.

And this single does seem like a slightly forward-thinking, left-field move from him. It's definitely worth your time. I wonder if there's a sequel to this joint.

Anyways, a 5'9 full length ("Street Hop"?) allegedly drops this year. I've got my fingers crossed tighter than Shaq's
popping skills (Oh you thought I was gonna go for a 'Chris Brown clenched fist' reference, didn't you? For shame, sir. For shame)

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