Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Skits-ophrenia: J-Ro vs. Mike B

I know list season just past us, but somebody really needs to get up on making a most "lol-arious skits on rap albums" list. Do it for the childrens! These cheshire grin-inducing moments are to be cherished.

So anyways I was reminded of this hilarious skit because of all the recent buzz that Royce da 5'9's been drumming up. With all due respect to Royce, who is obviously a fucking
beast, this skit is my favourite thing on the 'Bar Exam 2'. Yes, I am actually suggesting that a skit managed to triumph over Royce's vicious battle raps (Random excerpts include "I call these rap niggas crunk, coz they talk and bounce", "You a dick and a pussy, like you a hermaphrodite," & "Damn Nickel you be running through ho'es like you a shoestring") on Bar Exam 2.

Weird thing is that this joke is all about delivery. Well maybe most jokes are, but you get my point. You can listen to the 'you can't fuck with Detroit alcoholics' premise yourself, but the joke pretty much comes down to the umm narrator of this skit (can anyone I.D him for me?? is he supposed to be mike b?) going parisian on our asses with the "you threw up like a lil baybay" line. Royce actually goes on to quote tht line atleast twice elsewhere on the mixtape.

Honest to
Mickey Rourke, I seriously play this game where I play this skit on my ipod when I'm in a public setting, and try not to burst out laughing. I almost always lose.

I double dog dare you to try it. Come on, don't be a little bebe.

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