Saturday, March 28, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Redman & Method Man feat. Bun B 'City Lights'

So Jeff over at Passion of the Weiss thinks this song is "absurdly good". Though I'm not sure if I disagree, I will say that the track leaves me a bit unsettled. 'Why' you ask, imaginary reader?

Well, some of these are just me nitpicking details and being subjective but here's why:
a) Red and Meth on autotune. Weird and not necessary, obviously
b) In addition to spitting a just alright verse, Meth rocks his more sombre samurai flow. Don't get me wrong, I liked the brooding raps on '8 Diagrams', but ever since 4:21, I've been anticipating Meth's return to some Tical-style heat. Plus, I expect a 'Blackout' track to be a more funky, riotous affair, yknow? Bring the pain, Meth. Like Mariah Carey, I STILL BELIEVE.
c) When Meth spits "I've been riding dirty, since Dirty died", the 12 year old in me (No Michael Jackson) pictures a necrophilic Meth riding ODB's dead body. So very sorry I went there.
d) It is not equal to the sum of its parts. Red's verse is nice, Meth's is just alright, Bun B's is predictably dependable (Then again, when was the last time he seemed uncomfortable or out of place on a track he was on?)

Again like I said, maybe I'm just being a dick, coz when its all said and done, I like the song. You should listen coz:
a) A Red + Meth album is definitely an event to be thankful and excited about.
b) The beat knocks. In my naive opinion, it sounds like an attempt to blend Pimp C's smooth sailing cruise joints with a harder boom bap banger. It felt weird on initial listens but its been hard to completely front on.
c) Given our economic climate, you probably feel like Meth totally takes this one with these badass bars: "2 things to know about me, I guess I never change/ Can keep this money/ like Southern Cali, it never rains." Fine, I'll give you that. You gotta admit though, Redman does steal the intriguing punchline contest w/ "I shit on folks, the opposite of R.K" I personally think that the opposite of Kellz is being civilized and NOT pissing on people, but Red's idea that shitting is the opposite of pissing is a way more entertaining discussion. Let's do this!
d) At the very least, you need something to hold you over as you impatiently await Blackout 2 and UGK 4 Life.

P.S Since I'd liked to be viewed as a revolutionary, I have actually vowed to not download or listen to any snippets of UGK 4 Life until I finally buy the record.

I get to'e up on Twizzler party packs and anticipation.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Bat For Lashes' 'Daniel'

Dudes, this is so not funny.

Okkk lets get the formalities out of the way. Natasha Khan just slapped a chokehold on the indie it girl crown. The song's beautiful and if it already hasn't, its probably gonna fucking blow the fuck up anytime now.

But dudes, have you seen the terrifying video yet? Watch it first and then we'll chat.

Okkk Now pull up a chair and grab a notebook. I'll just rest my head on the couch, thank you very much. Wait, can I get a glass of water first? K, now we're good. Wait is this fucking Dasani? Whatever, we're on the clock. Let's go.

So I don't think I've ever openly talked abt this to anyone on the internets, but ..but when I was in kindergarten, something horrible happened. Like, scarred-for-life horrible. Our KG teacher gave us this textbook of Hindi poems, filled with all sorts of dope illustrations right next to the poems. All well and good, since I liked colourful stuff yknow? But there was this one poem about the moon talking to kids, and the illustration for that poem had the moon personified pictorially - it was a human body whose head was a moon. And the moon face was just smiling widely looking at a group of wide-eyed, awe-inspired kids. Now I clearly remember that all the kids in my class loved this - both poem and picture. But it just scared the living hell out of me. I might have been a KG OG, but I seriously cried and ran out of the class each time anyone ever opened their textbook to that page.

Seriously it was the creepiest looking thing ever. EVER EVER. In retrospect, I'm sure I recognized the racial and pedophilic undertones of this illustration of a pale-faced perv looking at a bunch of helpless, innocent kids. This was Michael Jackson before Michael Jackson turned into Michael Jackson, you feel me? I just sensed all kinds of wrong in that pic. Anyway, so I went through this phase for a couple of years where I just couldn't look at the moon. I guess with the passage of time, this irrational (?) fear just passed away. Or swept under the rug atleast.

It was all fine and dandy until this video dropped. As you've seen, this video has these weird lycra-wearing freakazoids with ball-like contraptions on their face attacking Natasha. So very many balls, y'all. Its like the moon faces have returned in some hideous mutant form. This is Cirque du Soleil on LSD, holmes. In the beginning of the vid, these moon men just come up outta nowhere and start molesting Natasha. Then they start smearing their ball faces onto her face. I would've counted the number of times her face got slapped by those balls if I wasn't heavily buggin out. After suffering some horrific ball-blasting abuse, Natasha somehow breaks free and makes an escape attempt in her getaway wagon. But the moon men just hop on top for the ride, surf style. One of them manages to slip through the backwindow and then proceeds to molest her from the backseat. Natasha obviously can't do anything coz she is a diligent driver and has her hands on wheel (10 and 2 coz she's disciplined like that). Scotty, please beam me the fuck outta here. PRONTO. I just can't talk about this anymore. This is all just fucking wrong x 10.

On the faintly brightside, Natasha makes it through the storm, and reunites with 'Daniel', who for some strange reason lives in the deepest section of some macabre woods-scape (Hipsters aren't immune to foreclosures, I guess)

Whatevs. Song is fantastic, but no thanks for unearthing terrifying childhood paranoias,
Johan Renck. I'll see you in court.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Dro's 'Clean With It'

"Haters catch fire from my essence"

If you still haven't heard this, you just aren't in touch with your inner internets geek. Or NahRight. For those that felt that Dro was ahem horsing around with complacency on 'Black Boy, White Boy', this is a huge spirit picker-upper. Out goes the lazy mumble, in comes the ferocious rapidfire.

And speaking of a return to form, dude sounds seriously hungry again. Both literally and figuratively. The track includes typical braggadocio references to consuming tilapia, grilled avocados and eating at Benihana.
Noz seems to think there's a correlation between tilapia references and great Dro raps. The 'Dro food references is directly proportional to the quality of delirious Dro tracks' is certainly a hard-to-fuck-with equation at this juncture.

There's much more to like in this song btw. The 2 Band Geeks beat is special too.

Eitherway, fuck all that man. I have a dance personalized for this track that is gonna have sweat dripping outta each and every one of your bedroom dancing pores. Its gonna change the world.

Well atleast my world. I am sooo unclean with it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Ghostface Killah's 'Message from Ghost'

So lemme get this straight, this song isn't getting mad amounts of media attention? A freaking Ghostface Killah song dedicated to Rihanna and "for my women out there that be getting beat up...struggling.." ? And if the premise wasn't buzz worthy enough, shouldn't we atleast pay attention if the song happens to be good? Maybe not great, but solid nonetheless.

And maybe I'm biased coz I'm a fan, but unlike several somebodies, has-beens and nobodies who've suddenly popped out of the woodwork to drop their meaningless two cents in on this issue, Ghost's track doesn't seem like an exploitative or opportunistic move to gain airtime. Eitherway its Ghostface and the song warrants a listen.

Ghost ends the track with an adlib that includes: "And I ain't here to interfere neither, but protect ya neck, that's what the Wu told ya, baby. That's that young boy, you know what that is already, ma.." I love the line coz it brings to mind the possibility of a UFC style showdown with Chris Brown and his back up dancers going up against the Wu Tang Clan. Count me in, and take me down there! Serious pay per view material obviously. I think its reasonable to predict that the match will end up with
Raekwon eating Chris Brown's innards -Not out of anger, but bcoz of plain ol' fashioned hunger. Dude, whatever it takes to release Cuban Linx 2. Whatever it takes.

P.S In case you prefer your Chris Brown-commentary on a more lol-arious tip, you might enjoy the chorus on Big Kuntry King's "
Chris Brown" (i.e "I'm trying to Chris Brown you, and beat out your brain"), or this adorably geeky youtube diss.
P.P.S If Ghostface wanted to hurl advice @ Chris Brown, shouldn't he just re-release "Run"?