Saturday, March 7, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Ghostface Killah's 'Message from Ghost'

So lemme get this straight, this song isn't getting mad amounts of media attention? A freaking Ghostface Killah song dedicated to Rihanna and "for my women out there that be getting beat up...struggling.." ? And if the premise wasn't buzz worthy enough, shouldn't we atleast pay attention if the song happens to be good? Maybe not great, but solid nonetheless.

And maybe I'm biased coz I'm a fan, but unlike several somebodies, has-beens and nobodies who've suddenly popped out of the woodwork to drop their meaningless two cents in on this issue, Ghost's track doesn't seem like an exploitative or opportunistic move to gain airtime. Eitherway its Ghostface and the song warrants a listen.

Ghost ends the track with an adlib that includes: "And I ain't here to interfere neither, but protect ya neck, that's what the Wu told ya, baby. That's that young boy, you know what that is already, ma.." I love the line coz it brings to mind the possibility of a UFC style showdown with Chris Brown and his back up dancers going up against the Wu Tang Clan. Count me in, and take me down there! Serious pay per view material obviously. I think its reasonable to predict that the match will end up with
Raekwon eating Chris Brown's innards -Not out of anger, but bcoz of plain ol' fashioned hunger. Dude, whatever it takes to release Cuban Linx 2. Whatever it takes.

P.S In case you prefer your Chris Brown-commentary on a more lol-arious tip, you might enjoy the chorus on Big Kuntry King's "
Chris Brown" (i.e "I'm trying to Chris Brown you, and beat out your brain"), or this adorably geeky youtube diss.
P.P.S If Ghostface wanted to hurl advice @ Chris Brown, shouldn't he just re-release "Run"?

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