Saturday, March 28, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Redman & Method Man feat. Bun B 'City Lights'

So Jeff over at Passion of the Weiss thinks this song is "absurdly good". Though I'm not sure if I disagree, I will say that the track leaves me a bit unsettled. 'Why' you ask, imaginary reader?

Well, some of these are just me nitpicking details and being subjective but here's why:
a) Red and Meth on autotune. Weird and not necessary, obviously
b) In addition to spitting a just alright verse, Meth rocks his more sombre samurai flow. Don't get me wrong, I liked the brooding raps on '8 Diagrams', but ever since 4:21, I've been anticipating Meth's return to some Tical-style heat. Plus, I expect a 'Blackout' track to be a more funky, riotous affair, yknow? Bring the pain, Meth. Like Mariah Carey, I STILL BELIEVE.
c) When Meth spits "I've been riding dirty, since Dirty died", the 12 year old in me (No Michael Jackson) pictures a necrophilic Meth riding ODB's dead body. So very sorry I went there.
d) It is not equal to the sum of its parts. Red's verse is nice, Meth's is just alright, Bun B's is predictably dependable (Then again, when was the last time he seemed uncomfortable or out of place on a track he was on?)

Again like I said, maybe I'm just being a dick, coz when its all said and done, I like the song. You should listen coz:
a) A Red + Meth album is definitely an event to be thankful and excited about.
b) The beat knocks. In my naive opinion, it sounds like an attempt to blend Pimp C's smooth sailing cruise joints with a harder boom bap banger. It felt weird on initial listens but its been hard to completely front on.
c) Given our economic climate, you probably feel like Meth totally takes this one with these badass bars: "2 things to know about me, I guess I never change/ Can keep this money/ like Southern Cali, it never rains." Fine, I'll give you that. You gotta admit though, Redman does steal the intriguing punchline contest w/ "I shit on folks, the opposite of R.K" I personally think that the opposite of Kellz is being civilized and NOT pissing on people, but Red's idea that shitting is the opposite of pissing is a way more entertaining discussion. Let's do this!
d) At the very least, you need something to hold you over as you impatiently await Blackout 2 and UGK 4 Life.

P.S Since I'd liked to be viewed as a revolutionary, I have actually vowed to not download or listen to any snippets of UGK 4 Life until I finally buy the record.

I get to'e up on Twizzler party packs and anticipation.


Daniel said...

Doesn't Method Man sound tired and defeated to you? It reminds me of the last GZA album, where he sounded slightly bored by his own rhymes.

This beat might grow on me, but right now it sounds like an odd choice for Meth and Red (Bun sounds fine over it, but that makes sense since it's his kind of beat.)

Jay (d)eff Kay said...

Pretty much exactly what I was thinking the first time i heard it.

In defense of my denial: ever since 4:21, meth seems to have been on an upswing towards a comeback, so I give him the benefit of doubt before writing anyhting off. I choose to interpret that bored/disinterested tone as a new worldweary flow he's kicking. I do prefer Meth blowing the roof off, but as i mentioned in the post I really liked his sombre variation on 8 diagrams(campfire and heart gently weeps probably being my fave). But at the end of the day, yes I do expect way more from him

I felt the same abt the beat too - its not what i expect red and meth to be on, but it has grown on me