Saturday, March 14, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Dro's 'Clean With It'

"Haters catch fire from my essence"

If you still haven't heard this, you just aren't in touch with your inner internets geek. Or NahRight. For those that felt that Dro was ahem horsing around with complacency on 'Black Boy, White Boy', this is a huge spirit picker-upper. Out goes the lazy mumble, in comes the ferocious rapidfire.

And speaking of a return to form, dude sounds seriously hungry again. Both literally and figuratively. The track includes typical braggadocio references to consuming tilapia, grilled avocados and eating at Benihana.
Noz seems to think there's a correlation between tilapia references and great Dro raps. The 'Dro food references is directly proportional to the quality of delirious Dro tracks' is certainly a hard-to-fuck-with equation at this juncture.

There's much more to like in this song btw. The 2 Band Geeks beat is special too.

Eitherway, fuck all that man. I have a dance personalized for this track that is gonna have sweat dripping outta each and every one of your bedroom dancing pores. Its gonna change the world.

Well atleast my world. I am sooo unclean with it.

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