Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anal-ytical Appreciation: Solange 'T.O.N.Y'

I know I'm mad late in posting this but with this video now being a regular in the BET Now rotation, I can not hold my silence any longer.

First things first, I don't plan on making any 'ignored-sister-living-in-the-shadow-of Beyonce's-badonkadonk' jokes. Too easy. Plus, I actually think she's doing pretty okay for herself. Her attempt to create her own lane in the game is respectable, if nothing else. Secondly, nothing against this song. In fact, I really like it. Come to think of it, the video is pretty alright too.

Just one teeny, tiny issue.

If you fast forward to 2.25 secs into the video, you will notice a disturbing extended sequence of Solange taking a pregnancy test. Um correct me if I'm wrong but she seems to be making sexytime faces when taking the pregnancy test. Now Solange, I know you're involved in some
safe-sex awareness initiatives. That's cool, much respect. But you don't have to glamourize the experience to the point where it looks sexy. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think you're supposed to have an orgasm when you pee. If you ask me, that's a biological disorder that needs to be checked out (Sidenote: Actually, can you imagine the wonderful joys such a medical disorder would bring to your life? I'd be drinking water allll daaaaay.)

Or maybe it's just a case where she wasn't informed about proper procedures. Allow me: Dear Solange. You're supposed to pee on it, not use it as a dildo. Love, Me.

I could have been asleep right now, if it wasn't for T.O.N.Y

PSA: Young Dro Interview

OKKK. I know what you're thinking. Am I accepting payola from Young Dro's camp? Well, no. Unless you count happiness as a bribe. But I wouldn't mind the money, just for the record. The Superstore next to my house is having a ridiculoid sale on confectionery items this week. I'm starving. Just so you know. No pressure.

Anyways watch the video, Dro fans. Notable fact highlight includes him informing us that there's gonna be two Dro mixtapes on the horizon before the release of P.O.L.O: "Can't Touch This" and "Metaphor Madness" Yes!

He also drops a line from the upcoming Metaphor Madness project.

"I'm a karate country nigga, Bruce Lee an' Rhymes."

'Enter the Dragon' and
'How Do I Live' fans REJOICE

P.S Video spotted at NahRight

Single, Please Mingle: Playboy Tre 'Movin Dem Keys'

Weird. On paper, I shouldn't like this guy. Not in the least bit. I mean, I'm the kinda rap fan that genuinely believes in 'swag'. I'm all about personality and flair and style. Playboy Tre is just so back-to-basics. He's just rapping. That's pretty much all he's doing. Rapping. No crazy promo beef. No big budget videos. No novelty dances. No autotune. No crazy production showcases. Just rapping. Once he gets a pocket to rap, he just fills every inch of it with words. Like he thinks that he might not get another chance. Stylistically speaking, he's so much of an anti-Jeezy-type that his signature adlib is, I shit you not, "Naaaaaah." He's just rapping, armed with an everyman spirit and a focussed vibe. Its totally weird for me to even be remotely interested in something like this, especially in 09. But I am. Weird.

"Movin Dem Keys" is off his new mixtape "Liquor Store Mixtape." The Ishereal-produced beat's one of these slowly building thingamijigs, solitary piano prods gradually making friends with light percussion and lush strings.

"And while you hollerin 'bout moving keys, and blowing Gs/we trynna get up out of these streets" Tre raps on this. Umm did Tre just put his rap grind above petty drug hustles? He obviously didn't get the "I'm a Hustler, Not a Rapper" email that Jay-Z forwarded to our generation. Tre check your inbox again, dude, its probably just buried somewhere in your junk folder.

This mixtape might not be as good as his last tape, Goodbye America, but give this guy a shot if you already haven't. He's a rapper. Weird.

P.S Sorry don't have a link for the track, but you can cop a
download of the tape via Cocaine Blunts.
P.P.S Video preview was spotted over at NahRight

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Curren$y's 'Blown Away'

I'm only on my fourth spin of Curren$y's debut album "This Ain't No Mixtape," but I think its a solid outing. Taking into account the barrage of mixtapes that he's served up in the last year alone, it certainly feels weird placing the word 'debut' right next to the Hot Spitta. I'm definitely glad that the production, handled entirely by Monsta Beatz, has a lot in common with my favourite Curren$y mixtape 'Fear And Loathing in New Orleans' i.e Its got a sound grounded in a glossy mix of synth and soul.

Now since the lead single, "Scared of Monsters" has already made its blog rounds, I'm posting another album highlight: 'Blown Away'. Scared of Monsters might make your trunk rattle more, but I think Blown Away is a bit more representative of the album's jet-set sound. The beat's designed to make you feel like royalty - Rich creamy synths anchored by some bitchslappin' bass. Winner!

I dunno why, its not like he's even close to being my favourite under rated rapper or anything, but I'd really like to see Curren$y succeed. Probably because of the fact that despite a frustrating 'career' where numerous labels held him on standby status for criminally long periods, Curren$y remains a lovable stoner with a never-say-die attitude and an admirable grind.

He might look perpetually blissed-out but the dude's got a good head on his shoulders and takes all the drama into stride. For proof, peep how he starts his first verse:

"Raps, I bust 'em

Problems with my life, don't discuss 'em
Coups & jets, I lust them
Can't hear them haters talk, I'm above them
But they push me to do it, that's why I love them
Fitting snug in the chevy seat,
Niggas see the future that's ahead of me,
and wish that it would cease to be
Buzz increasing till it became a bang
Jet planes in the building, bitch we do our thang"

See? No bitching or inflated sense of entitlement there. Dude just keeps it moving. And that certainly is a refreshing attitude to have these days.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Soulja Boy feat. Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo 'Gucci Bandana'

So over the weekend, Jordan's twitter alerted me towards the fact that Soulja Boy's 'Gucci Bandana' finally got a video. My weekend just went from awesome to awesomer there.

Quick thoughts:

1) The piano stab beat might be basic, but it means business.

2) Soulja Boy does a pretty good job of holding his ground against his idol. Given the timing of Gucci's release from jail, I'm sure many of us are tempted to write this off as a case of Soulja piggybacking off of Gucci's buzz, but Gucci has just as much, if not more, to gain via the exposure of this collabo. This is definitely one of the tracks that has me questioning my avoidance of 'iSouljaboytellem'.

3) Now onto Gucci. I think we've heard waaay more fun and engaging performances from him, but right now its just hard to ignore the excitement that he brings to the table just by being there. And I have to co-sign the
observation that he seems strangely humble and genuinely shy and overwhelmed at the batshit crazy hypestorm celebrating his return. He just seems so much more subdued than what you'd typically expect from a rapper of the moment, no? Self assured maybe, but almost like a talent show contestant who just stumbled onto stardom. Then again, maybe we should know better than to expect a typically obvious, over-the-top, Welcome Back video moment from him. The scene from the video at 0.39 secs, where Gucci raises his Gucci bandana steadily in the air, is all he probably needs to say to both his well-wishers and his haters. Bandana fluttering freely in the wind and in your face. It's understated but yknow powerful & triumphant at the same time.

4) The OJ Da Juiceman-style abrupt Ays. Who did that? I assumed it was Soulja Boy aping OJ when I first heard it, but now I'm not sure. I don't see OJ in the vid, do you? Anyway, this might as well be the star player on the beat. Call OJ a one trick pony if you must but geez what a trick. That Ay is so very full of life. Dripping with happiness and excitement and fear and anger and paranoia and get the picture. Its kinda like what I expect Guantanomo Bay prisoners to sound like when their testicles get torture zapped. I meant that in a good way but it came out all wrong. Sorry, no disrespect to anyone.

5) Let's talk about Shawty Lo. Actually let's not. Someone pass the poor guy a Halls mint. But no water. You know his type multiplies with that.

6) I had originally intended to add an awesome Soulja Boy-related anecdote here, but I don't like seeing long posts, so I'll leave that out for now. Another post maybe.

7) I do not have a bandana on me, so when I rock to this joint in my room I'll be swag splashing with my bath towel, thank you very much

8) Gucci Bandana. Gucci Gucci Bandana Ay! Gucci Bandana. Gucci Gucci Bandana Ay!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Rich Boy 'It's Over'

K, now this is a tune, Rich Boy. From the look of things, this song might have been released before the Pacc Man mixtape, but I just caught it right now. Sue me late police.

Rich Boy spits some typical Rich Boy stuff, brimming full of fierce energy and confidence despite the fact that he's mining well-worn territory, flossing the good life in your face: cars, chauffeurs, champagne et al. Atleast for me, with Rich Boy, its always been less about the content, and more about how he delivers it. That being said, I find the song's opening bars demonstrating a hint of dry humour. The following is spit with a straight face: "Apologizing to you haters, forgive me I'm sorry/For disrespecting everybody and driving ferraris." Grrr, I ride public transportation dude. Anyways, I think that kind of lighthearted smugness deserves an asshole LOL. An ASSHOLOL, if you will.

Now Rich Boy's cool and all but make no mistake though, the spacey Drumma Boy beat is here to win your hearts. I especially like how well-restrained it stays during the verses -There's lots of cool shit going on but it stays sneakily subtle for the most part, the twinkles never overpowering the beat, the airy guitar licks continuing to quietly noodle and build before fizzling into the now trademark Drumma Boy lazergasm. And you think its over but then BOOM! SURPRISE! The mighty chorus arrives in spectacularly grand fashion, all glitz and glory, gliding in slow motion, riding right past us unworthy haters. And poof, its over. Gone. It didn't even nod at our general direction, dude! The nerve!

Pssh asshole beat thinks its better than ME. I don't need that bourgie beat anyway.

*Quietly hits replay*

PS. Track was spotted over at Traps N Trunks, where you can
copp a zshare download. (You obviously do, hater, don't lie)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: feat.Young Noble "My S.W.A.G Is Up"

Ayee Ayeeee Ayeeee Ayeeee. WhatWhatWhatWhat!

Oh hai there, didn't notice you were waiting. I was just jamming to my latest fucking jam,'s 'My Swag Is Up'. Yeah man, I really did mention the word 'jam' in relation a Dead Prez-related track. Yes I used 'swag' unironically. Yeah, it is 2009. No, I haven't been downing NyQuil again. Jeez what's with all these weird questions, B? I need to get back to jamming to my fucking jam.

So now I feel like a total douchebag and a half for ignoring's solo debut, 'Manhood' (yknow the one with
the cover that matches the pause-worthiness of its title? I know atleast 2 reliable people who said it was actually worth my time). My excuse is decent: Back when 'Hip Hop' first hit the tv screens, I was like "Oh shit, new favourite rap group alert." But then these guys just fucked their momentum up, release after release. Its not even the preachy politics that bothered me. I can live with that. Hell, if I can rock to well-crafted coke rap, I'm sure I can rock to well-crafted down-with-the-establishment, conspiracy theorist rap. Its just the quality of music that kept disappointing. I was like, why is supposedly militant music sounding so limp and passive? But enough of me bitching. Let's celebrate the good times at hand.

I am seriously feeling this track you guys. I'm such a sucker for those strings. Lyrically, ditches the protestor bark for smooth persuasion- There's no finger pointing or admonishment or condescension of any kind. Instead, there is a celebration around the joys of liberation. He's nourished by knowledge. His heart beats courage. He's focussed, feeling good vibrations. His Swag is Up. He realizes that you've all been grinding hard for your own personal advancement, and so sometimes its all about taking your shirt off and toasting the good life. Let's do this!

Young Noble, from the fucking Outlawz, shows up for some reason. He's not bad. I like the 'You ain't gotta like it, just respect the game, how I shine so bright without rocking a chain' line despite its borderline cliche-ness. I'm glad he's having a good time. I do, however, disapprove of him repping a glass of white wine. Duuuude! How're you gonna show up in a dead prez-affiliated video and go for the WHITE wine. SMH.

Anyways , I sorta really hate myself for making you read so much when all you really should be doing is jamming to this fucking jam. So please, just hit play.

Sticman raps, "My mojo up, I'm doing my thang/I got that glow, I'm on my game/ I'm blowin on haze, my future so bright, I gotta rock my shades." YES! CO-SIGN (except the smoking, I have allergies. Sorry)

My Swag is up. My Swag is Up. Say Whaaaaattt!

P.S Video was spotted at Nah Right, where you can peep
more details

Single, Please Mingle: Rich Boy feat. Al Myte & Supa Villain 'Ferrari Motor'

Rich Boy's new mixtape 'Pacc Man' is just alright. You probably could've just guessed that by glancing at the tracklisting. Its weedcarrier-friendly for sure, but there are a couple of tracks that would be perfectly at home on the splendid 'Bigger Than The Mayor' mixtape.

I'm guessing you've already heard the fantastic 'Drop Top' somewhere (You might remember it as that song where he goes 'Money makes her pussy wetter, college make her head better'), so I'm posting another standout: mixtape closer 'Ferrari Motor'

I didn't think a heavy dose of twinkles would work against church organ laments, but it totally does on this track. I sorta like the chorus' utilitarian twist on fast-cars-brag-rap. They're not just products of flashy extravagance or empty posturing here: "Tell me how the fuck the police gonna catch me and pull me up?" Or as Rich Boy stresses later "My swag 100, my drop 160, my motor 350, how the fuck they gonna get me?" You know this dude is the type that's always hysterically rooting for the crazies on 'World's Most Insane Car Chases'-type shows.

Although the latter half of the track misses Rich Boy's passion, Supa Villain (Really dude? Do you not know that Doom is still alive?) and Al Myte (If you had referred to yourself as Al Myte Mouse, I might've been seriously intrigued. But you didn't. Name game FAIL) do a decent job of not ruining the song.

PSA: Dro

Dro Speaks from Urban News Network on Vimeo.

OKKK. So, its a long weekend. Easter's just around the corner. The weather isn't displaying any signs of bitchassness. There is ample opportunity for copious amounts of cocoa to be consumed. Chocolate farts are destined to make love to your atmosphere. Nah Right has informed you that there is now a site called "" It has a video of Dro being Dro, set against the musical backdrop of James Brown's The Payback.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Project Pat feat. Gucci Mane 'Bang Smack'

This new Project Pat record couldn't have come at a better time. I need some new Hypnotize Minds in my life (There's only so many times I can keep listening to 'Da Unbreakables' on repeat). Breihan seems to think 'Real Recognize Real' is Pat's best record yet. I can't comment on that because I haven't heard his first three records yet (Embarassing, I know). I will say this: the more I listen to 'Real Recognize Real', the more I seem to like it. There isn't, however, anything on here that I love to pieces, say, like 'Finna Start Robbin', off of Pat's last record.

Anyways, 'Bang Smack' is one of my favourite cuts on this new record, right next to I Be Fresh, and Choppa to Ya Dome. Production is on point, but Pat manages to steal the limelight with these lol-ariously gross lines: "I stroke it long and hard, making sounds of a plunger...pluchkapluchkapluchkapluchkapluchka, like a plunger." He had to add in the actual sounds after the line because yknow there's a strong chance that your feeble imagination wasn't crystal clear about conjuring up the mental image of this whole Project Pat Plunger sexnoise scenario. Onomatopoeia dystopia, dudes! My mind has been slightly scarred.

About Gucci's verse. I was gonna say it was pretty meh, but I find myself constantly rewinding the part where Gucci goes (from what I can make out): "Big Booty girl, lay googly moogly, I'm Gucci Gucci, city (something) jury crazy scoochie." I checked with the almighty Google gods to to see if they could decipher Gucci's verse and
this was the closest I got. I see you laughing hard at my pain, internets!

I'm hoping this album keeps us occupied until that DJ Paul solo record drops.

P.S Dear Three 6 Mafia, please get your shit together and release another great album! I would like to be compelled to bitchslap strangers in the face, just for the heck of it. Love (Pause), A Fan

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Lil Boosie feat. Webbie 'Sunshine'

OKKK. So two weeks ago when I read that there was gonna be a new Lil Boosie mixtape called "Superbad: The Return of Mr. Wipe Me Down", I was like Yes! Return of Ninja Turtle Rap! Score! See coz, as Boosie's star quietly soars, many have continued to swoon and ponder about...umm what AZ would refer to as: the effervescence of his ghetto essence. However, as many rightfully point out his remarkable ability to emote, it seems like Furious Boosie and Introspective Boosie are the dimensions hogging all the shine. I guess because anger and sadness provide the type of melodramatic peaks and valleys that make for interesting narrative arcs. Nothing wrong with Sad Boosie or Mad Boosie per se but I like happy Boosie damnit! No homo and all that, but happiness is an emotion I'm interested in, dudes.

So, as my first of order of business in petitioning for happy Boosie raps, I'm posting a celebratory track from the mixtape.

Re: the track itself. The beat's got a gorgeous, warm-weather, top-down, take-a run-in-the-sun vibe. Boosie rips it as usual. No surprise there, you already know that he’s got conviction in the bag. He shows off his cars, his clothes, his haircut, his weed, and his lil girl among other things. Webbie raps about getting out the hood and hypothetically robbing McDonalds. Yes! Personally, I'd just grab the McFlurry machine, but whatevs. Just kidding. I know better than to openly discuss McFlurrys in front of Boosie's diabetic ass. But I digress.

Can we talk about Webbie for a second? I've never have paid attention to his solo work outside of the singles that come on 106, but I always find something especially swagadelic about his verses alongside Boosie. I don't know if it’s a case of Webbie stepping his game up or a case of chemistry creating something extra special. It might even be a case of me never paying close attention to him outside the realm of Boosie tracks. Eitherway, when he raps "Boosie I don’t even know who go harder, shit, you or me?" I find myself agreeing. Anybody have any suggestions on where I should start w/ Webbie? I'll start regardless, but recommendations are always welcome.

"Ain't no pressure on Lil Boosie, I ain’t even stressing lately," Boosie raps on this. I, for one, am glad. Happy Boosie in ’09. Let’s make the world believe.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: The Juan Maclean 'Accusations'

Dance Party dudes! Currently my favourite track off of The Juan Maclean's new album "The Future Will Come." Ok so, this album doesn't seem as good as the last one, but its good nonetheless. Even Pitchfork agrees (Phew, I needed the validation).

An important point to note, and a definite reason to cop this record, is that the original 12 minute version of "Happy House" is included as the album closer. For those of you who don't know,
Happy House is their monster smash single from last year. I mention it in this post because once you listen to the total winner of a record that is Happy House, your review of anything else by the Juan Maclean will be tainted by ridiculously high standards.

But if you disregard this albatross around their neck for awhile, I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy in this track. Its got this ...umm samba-for-the-sorrowful vibe to it. A Disco's Not Dead feel if you will.

This song seems to be targeted towards those "getting emotional these days," but I like it anyway. I did suffer from a severe case of diarrhea recently, and I'm sure I can file that under "emotional" experience anyways. For those looking for something more thought-provoking, Nancy Whang croons: "Accusations make a lover's touch turn cold/Where's the difference, between the truth and lies not told?"


Friday, April 3, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Dro 'Dro Rock Diamonds'

Holy Mother of an extra yummy McFlurry! Look at what we have here. A Young Dro track that’s laced with a Biggie vocal sample off of (wait for it)... 'Kick in the Door'. Dudes, motherfucking Kick In The Door!

Did I ever tell you about how, during a brief phase in my teens, I used to side with Pac & the West Coast during the whole East Coast-West Coast feud? I was living in hardcore denial about this Biggie character. Death Row, all day, everyday yknow? Plus it was way cooler to twist my fingers into a west coast knot and yell “West-sah-yeeed” than it was to rep the east cost (aka show off the number three). Well, do you know how friggin ashamed I felt the first time I heard Biggie drop: "Lyrically, I'm worshipped / don't front, the word's sick / You cursed it, but rehearsed it." Do you? You couldn't possibly fathom my shame, broseph. Ugh. No effin way, Jose. The most fatal kind of disses are the ones that consist of the truth. And Kick In The Door was an ouch of a lifetime. But I digress.

Speaking of dropping unexpectedly like birdshit: Right at the heels of the fierce uppercut that was 'Clean With It', Dro decides to strike us square on our mugs with this sharp jab of a track. Though his flow doesn't disappoint here, I think Fury's production takes the cake on this one. Protect your neck partypeople, this beat's got some serious swing.

How ridiculously exciting is the feeling that this could just be the tip of the iceberg that is P.O.L.O/ The Young and the Restless? That Dro is just circling around us, waiting for the right time to unleash a knockout?

Jeeeesus Christ, have mercy.

P.S Track was spotted over at The Smoking Section
P.P.S I totally understand if you accuse Swangerrr of merely being a Young Dro fan site masquerading as a retarded blog of sorts. I can live with that.