Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anal-ytical Appreciation: Solange 'T.O.N.Y'

I know I'm mad late in posting this but with this video now being a regular in the BET Now rotation, I can not hold my silence any longer.

First things first, I don't plan on making any 'ignored-sister-living-in-the-shadow-of Beyonce's-badonkadonk' jokes. Too easy. Plus, I actually think she's doing pretty okay for herself. Her attempt to create her own lane in the game is respectable, if nothing else. Secondly, nothing against this song. In fact, I really like it. Come to think of it, the video is pretty alright too.

Just one teeny, tiny issue.

If you fast forward to 2.25 secs into the video, you will notice a disturbing extended sequence of Solange taking a pregnancy test. Um correct me if I'm wrong but she seems to be making sexytime faces when taking the pregnancy test. Now Solange, I know you're involved in some
safe-sex awareness initiatives. That's cool, much respect. But you don't have to glamourize the experience to the point where it looks sexy. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think you're supposed to have an orgasm when you pee. If you ask me, that's a biological disorder that needs to be checked out (Sidenote: Actually, can you imagine the wonderful joys such a medical disorder would bring to your life? I'd be drinking water allll daaaaay.)

Or maybe it's just a case where she wasn't informed about proper procedures. Allow me: Dear Solange. You're supposed to pee on it, not use it as a dildo. Love, Me.

I could have been asleep right now, if it wasn't for T.O.N.Y

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