Saturday, April 25, 2009

PSA: Young Dro Interview

OKKK. I know what you're thinking. Am I accepting payola from Young Dro's camp? Well, no. Unless you count happiness as a bribe. But I wouldn't mind the money, just for the record. The Superstore next to my house is having a ridiculoid sale on confectionery items this week. I'm starving. Just so you know. No pressure.

Anyways watch the video, Dro fans. Notable fact highlight includes him informing us that there's gonna be two Dro mixtapes on the horizon before the release of P.O.L.O: "Can't Touch This" and "Metaphor Madness" Yes!

He also drops a line from the upcoming Metaphor Madness project.

"I'm a karate country nigga, Bruce Lee an' Rhymes."

'Enter the Dragon' and
'How Do I Live' fans REJOICE

P.S Video spotted at NahRight

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