Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Curren$y's 'Blown Away'

I'm only on my fourth spin of Curren$y's debut album "This Ain't No Mixtape," but I think its a solid outing. Taking into account the barrage of mixtapes that he's served up in the last year alone, it certainly feels weird placing the word 'debut' right next to the Hot Spitta. I'm definitely glad that the production, handled entirely by Monsta Beatz, has a lot in common with my favourite Curren$y mixtape 'Fear And Loathing in New Orleans' i.e Its got a sound grounded in a glossy mix of synth and soul.

Now since the lead single, "Scared of Monsters" has already made its blog rounds, I'm posting another album highlight: 'Blown Away'. Scared of Monsters might make your trunk rattle more, but I think Blown Away is a bit more representative of the album's jet-set sound. The beat's designed to make you feel like royalty - Rich creamy synths anchored by some bitchslappin' bass. Winner!

I dunno why, its not like he's even close to being my favourite under rated rapper or anything, but I'd really like to see Curren$y succeed. Probably because of the fact that despite a frustrating 'career' where numerous labels held him on standby status for criminally long periods, Curren$y remains a lovable stoner with a never-say-die attitude and an admirable grind.

He might look perpetually blissed-out but the dude's got a good head on his shoulders and takes all the drama into stride. For proof, peep how he starts his first verse:

"Raps, I bust 'em

Problems with my life, don't discuss 'em
Coups & jets, I lust them
Can't hear them haters talk, I'm above them
But they push me to do it, that's why I love them
Fitting snug in the chevy seat,
Niggas see the future that's ahead of me,
and wish that it would cease to be
Buzz increasing till it became a bang
Jet planes in the building, bitch we do our thang"

See? No bitching or inflated sense of entitlement there. Dude just keeps it moving. And that certainly is a refreshing attitude to have these days.


Daniel said...

This song is OK. I suppose you have to admire a rapper like Curren$y who can survive truckloads of label drama to actually get an album out, but the product is kind of mediocre.

On a related note, how did Wayne's weed carriers go from boring also-rans to suddenly kind of respected MCs? Did I miss the mixtapes where they suddenly got better as rappers?

Jay Deff Kay said...

Like I mentioned, only on my fourth spin, and while I'm not about to throw any superlatives anytime soon, 'mediocre' would be kinda harsh. I did find Eskay's
"If ...a rapper’s success level was directly tied to his skill level, Spitta would be putting up Carter III numbers" comment a bit over-the-top though. I will also add that Curren$y currently seems to be missing a certain x-factor that would elevate him into the realm of truly special emcees. I like him still and I will admit that his relentless grind is a big part of his appeal for me.

"On a related note, how did Wayne's weed carriers go from boring also-rans to suddenly kind of respected MCs? Did I miss the mixtapes where they suddenly got better as rappers?"

Maybe? Did you have someone else in mind? Curren$y's obviously had a pretty incredible run of mixtapes. I think Mack Maine has had his moments. And Nicki Minaj sounds promising. I don't know anyone else who's respected per se

Daniel said...

I'm referring to the sudden Drake hype mostly. Also, I remember back during the Carter 2 era where Currency spit a snoozefest of a 16 over "Grown Man" and that's when I pretty much wrote him off, for better or worse.

"Missing the X factor" is exactly what I'm talking about! I just don't hear much personality from Curren$y at all. More like "Tepid Spitta." That being said, I do like this beat a lot--it does sound very "jet set."

Jay Deff Kay said...

Well Curren$y's been on the backburner at No Limit as well before landing on Cash Money/ Young Money, but I first noticed him on "Where da Cash At", a banger where he held his own against both Wayne and Remy Ma.I doubt anybody who's heard that joint ever forgot "I like them Amerie's, you can have them Omarosa's" I'd be surprised if you haven't already heard it

He has his moments on tape, and does seem to have a fun, stoner likeabaility in interviews, but I don't think he's been able to transfer that consistently on tape. If you check out that Fear and Loathing in New Orleans mixtape, I'm sure there's atleast a few joints you'd like

Drake's sudden rise is slightly strange to me as well. Mainly because, I dunno if you remember, a couple of years ago, he had this mixtape called Comeback Season, that got slept on despite a few bloggers singing its praises. But now he comes out with Weezy and suddenly boom! people are singing his praises again. Which is understandable I guess

I haven't heard his latest mixtape but I wouldn't be surprised if its got buzz. He does punchline driven pop rap pretty well