Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Lil Boosie feat. Webbie 'Sunshine'

OKKK. So two weeks ago when I read that there was gonna be a new Lil Boosie mixtape called "Superbad: The Return of Mr. Wipe Me Down", I was like Yes! Return of Ninja Turtle Rap! Score! See coz, as Boosie's star quietly soars, many have continued to swoon and ponder about...umm what AZ would refer to as: the effervescence of his ghetto essence. However, as many rightfully point out his remarkable ability to emote, it seems like Furious Boosie and Introspective Boosie are the dimensions hogging all the shine. I guess because anger and sadness provide the type of melodramatic peaks and valleys that make for interesting narrative arcs. Nothing wrong with Sad Boosie or Mad Boosie per se but I like happy Boosie damnit! No homo and all that, but happiness is an emotion I'm interested in, dudes.

So, as my first of order of business in petitioning for happy Boosie raps, I'm posting a celebratory track from the mixtape.

Re: the track itself. The beat's got a gorgeous, warm-weather, top-down, take-a run-in-the-sun vibe. Boosie rips it as usual. No surprise there, you already know that he’s got conviction in the bag. He shows off his cars, his clothes, his haircut, his weed, and his lil girl among other things. Webbie raps about getting out the hood and hypothetically robbing McDonalds. Yes! Personally, I'd just grab the McFlurry machine, but whatevs. Just kidding. I know better than to openly discuss McFlurrys in front of Boosie's diabetic ass. But I digress.

Can we talk about Webbie for a second? I've never have paid attention to his solo work outside of the singles that come on 106, but I always find something especially swagadelic about his verses alongside Boosie. I don't know if it’s a case of Webbie stepping his game up or a case of chemistry creating something extra special. It might even be a case of me never paying close attention to him outside the realm of Boosie tracks. Eitherway, when he raps "Boosie I don’t even know who go harder, shit, you or me?" I find myself agreeing. Anybody have any suggestions on where I should start w/ Webbie? I'll start regardless, but recommendations are always welcome.

"Ain't no pressure on Lil Boosie, I ain’t even stressing lately," Boosie raps on this. I, for one, am glad. Happy Boosie in ’09. Let’s make the world believe.


joseph said...

I'd like to know where to start with Webbie as well. I should probably just check out Savage Life/Savage Life 2, but it'd be nice to hear a cosign from somebodyanybody. But yea, this song makes me feel great. Regarding 'Superbad' in general, I'm so glad that the quality is so consistent because that 'Streets Made Me' tape was so annoying to listen to; I was adjusting my headphone volume at the beginning of every track. These 'Superbad' beats are nutso.

Daniel said...

Talking about Mad Boosie just makes me think of "I'm Mad" and how unintentionally funny that song is.

I like Boosie, especially Bad Azz, but I wish he would work with some other producers. The in house producers at Trill, like Mouse, keep making the same kind of beats over and over.

Jay Deff Kay said...

Joseph: Yeah I'm probably gonna start with those too. I'm happy with superbad too.

On an unrelated note: I've been prone to downloading random 18visions tracks every now and then, and foresee myself downloading one album at the very least in the near future *shakes fist at you*

Daniel: I forgot about I'm Mad, went back and heard it and literally LOL'd. Other producers would be interesting but Trill Ent production was/is part and parcel of what drew me to Boosie. They're cooking up something really nice. I especially like the bluesy country rap tunes they put out.

Jordan said...

Despite the fact that my last rap post was about Boosie, I've been getting Trill Ent fatigue in the last couple weeks, and am saving listening to Superbad for a bit so it'll sound fresher.

Webbie and Boosie sound great together, but I'm thoroughly uninterested in Webbie's solo work. Like, his style is this great foil/contrast to Boosie, but he seems way more limited in both style and subject matter, and isolated, he doesn't have much to say. There are a couple Boosie and Webbie collaborative albums that I need to check out though, Gangsta Musik and Ghetto Stories.

david said...

Webbie's 'savage life' is basically classic dudes

Jay Deff Kay said...

Thanks David.

Savage Life, it is then.

joseph said...

Jay, regarding 18V, I listened to 'Vanity' the other weekend for the first time in a long time and was surprised how sick some of the songs were. It holds up well, so I'd recommend that one.

Jay Deff Kay said...

Yknow what Joseph. Thanks. I'll go with Vanity. I know everyone including yourself points to 'Until the Runs Out' as being the real deal, but I think Vanity will be an easier introduction for me.