Saturday, April 25, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Playboy Tre 'Movin Dem Keys'

Weird. On paper, I shouldn't like this guy. Not in the least bit. I mean, I'm the kinda rap fan that genuinely believes in 'swag'. I'm all about personality and flair and style. Playboy Tre is just so back-to-basics. He's just rapping. That's pretty much all he's doing. Rapping. No crazy promo beef. No big budget videos. No novelty dances. No autotune. No crazy production showcases. Just rapping. Once he gets a pocket to rap, he just fills every inch of it with words. Like he thinks that he might not get another chance. Stylistically speaking, he's so much of an anti-Jeezy-type that his signature adlib is, I shit you not, "Naaaaaah." He's just rapping, armed with an everyman spirit and a focussed vibe. Its totally weird for me to even be remotely interested in something like this, especially in 09. But I am. Weird.

"Movin Dem Keys" is off his new mixtape "Liquor Store Mixtape." The Ishereal-produced beat's one of these slowly building thingamijigs, solitary piano prods gradually making friends with light percussion and lush strings.

"And while you hollerin 'bout moving keys, and blowing Gs/we trynna get up out of these streets" Tre raps on this. Umm did Tre just put his rap grind above petty drug hustles? He obviously didn't get the "I'm a Hustler, Not a Rapper" email that Jay-Z forwarded to our generation. Tre check your inbox again, dude, its probably just buried somewhere in your junk folder.

This mixtape might not be as good as his last tape, Goodbye America, but give this guy a shot if you already haven't. He's a rapper. Weird.

P.S Sorry don't have a link for the track, but you can cop a
download of the tape via Cocaine Blunts.
P.P.S Video preview was spotted over at NahRight

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