Thursday, April 9, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Project Pat feat. Gucci Mane 'Bang Smack'

This new Project Pat record couldn't have come at a better time. I need some new Hypnotize Minds in my life (There's only so many times I can keep listening to 'Da Unbreakables' on repeat). Breihan seems to think 'Real Recognize Real' is Pat's best record yet. I can't comment on that because I haven't heard his first three records yet (Embarassing, I know). I will say this: the more I listen to 'Real Recognize Real', the more I seem to like it. There isn't, however, anything on here that I love to pieces, say, like 'Finna Start Robbin', off of Pat's last record.

Anyways, 'Bang Smack' is one of my favourite cuts on this new record, right next to I Be Fresh, and Choppa to Ya Dome. Production is on point, but Pat manages to steal the limelight with these lol-ariously gross lines: "I stroke it long and hard, making sounds of a plunger...pluchkapluchkapluchkapluchkapluchka, like a plunger." He had to add in the actual sounds after the line because yknow there's a strong chance that your feeble imagination wasn't crystal clear about conjuring up the mental image of this whole Project Pat Plunger sexnoise scenario. Onomatopoeia dystopia, dudes! My mind has been slightly scarred.

About Gucci's verse. I was gonna say it was pretty meh, but I find myself constantly rewinding the part where Gucci goes (from what I can make out): "Big Booty girl, lay googly moogly, I'm Gucci Gucci, city (something) jury crazy scoochie." I checked with the almighty Google gods to to see if they could decipher Gucci's verse and
this was the closest I got. I see you laughing hard at my pain, internets!

I'm hoping this album keeps us occupied until that DJ Paul solo record drops.

P.S Dear Three 6 Mafia, please get your shit together and release another great album! I would like to be compelled to bitchslap strangers in the face, just for the heck of it. Love (Pause), A Fan


joseph said...

Definitely check out the previous Project Pat albums. After I read that Breihan review and a So Many Shrimp post following it, I've been thinking of doing a post on how his 'Crook by da Book' is one of the best rap albums of the '00s. The production on that one and 'Walkin Bank Roll' are unbelievable.

Jay Deff Kay said...

"I've been thinking of doing a post on how his 'Crook by da Book' is one of the best rap albums of the '00s. The production on that one and 'Walkin Bank Roll' are unbelievable."

I'm really looking forward to that post. I've heard 'Crook by Da Book' and 'Walkin Bank Roll' but not as many times as I should. I just prefer listening to 3-6 way more. Now that I've worn their records out, I find myself digging into pat's stuff.

Regardless, Three 6 are total geniuses, so Pat's albums are an extension totally worth examining when you talk about their legacy.