Friday, April 10, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Rich Boy feat. Al Myte & Supa Villain 'Ferrari Motor'

Rich Boy's new mixtape 'Pacc Man' is just alright. You probably could've just guessed that by glancing at the tracklisting. Its weedcarrier-friendly for sure, but there are a couple of tracks that would be perfectly at home on the splendid 'Bigger Than The Mayor' mixtape.

I'm guessing you've already heard the fantastic 'Drop Top' somewhere (You might remember it as that song where he goes 'Money makes her pussy wetter, college make her head better'), so I'm posting another standout: mixtape closer 'Ferrari Motor'

I didn't think a heavy dose of twinkles would work against church organ laments, but it totally does on this track. I sorta like the chorus' utilitarian twist on fast-cars-brag-rap. They're not just products of flashy extravagance or empty posturing here: "Tell me how the fuck the police gonna catch me and pull me up?" Or as Rich Boy stresses later "My swag 100, my drop 160, my motor 350, how the fuck they gonna get me?" You know this dude is the type that's always hysterically rooting for the crazies on 'World's Most Insane Car Chases'-type shows.

Although the latter half of the track misses Rich Boy's passion, Supa Villain (Really dude? Do you not know that Doom is still alive?) and Al Myte (If you had referred to yourself as Al Myte Mouse, I might've been seriously intrigued. But you didn't. Name game FAIL) do a decent job of not ruining the song.


Jordan said...

I remember back when Bigger Than The Mayor came out, Joseph had a nice post about songs that were only about 2 minutes long and how that complemented Rich Boy's style. Rich Boy should have read that piece. This album is a pain to make it through, all because he makes all these songs that should be about 2 minutes 4-5 minutes, and it's too much, like, less would be so much more. (Pill's recent mixtape is a great argument for song brevity as well)

Jay Deff Kay said...

Yeah I remember Joseph's post and I totally agree. I like shorter songs in general, Rich Boy or not. And I really didn't notice the length of these tracks until you mentioned it (probably coz I subconsciously skip to the next trap after 2.5 mins or so). Its obviously less interesting than Bigger Than the Mayor, but the track lengths don't help.

I actually haven't heard the Pill mixtape yet. I liked one song that Blvd Street posed. I'm assuming the mixtape is good?

Jordan said...

Yeah that mixtape is great. I've listened to it more than anything else since I downloaded it.

Pill's a very good rapper, but mostly I'm impressed with how well it's put together, great sequencing, a nice mix of song length from 1-4 minutes, a mix of original and jacked beats that manages to be sonically consistent. Also Burn One's intros aren't obnoxious and actually get you hyped. I was gonna do a post a while back about how Burn One had mastered the art of mixtape djing while the trapaholics were failing at it, but then got lazy and unsure of what exactly mixtape djs do.

Jay Deff Kay said...

"I was gonna do a post a while back about how Burn One had mastered the art of mixtape djing while the trapaholics were failing at it, but then got lazy and unsure of what exactly mixtape djs do."

LOL do it. Once you have rested after that last monster post of yours.

Not like I was ever really informed abt the scene but yeah ever since Drama and Khaled dropped on the scene, I started getting really confused about the role of mixtape djs too. I originally assumed they were actually producers on their tapes, but then started questioning whether many of them were just glorified middlemen.

I'm gonna download the Pill tape.

joseph said...

Jordan, please write that post. Though I'm still not crazy over the Pill tape, I had the same thought that Burn One was this awesomely refined mixtape DJ and is breaking new ground for "professionalism" in the trade.