Monday, April 13, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Rich Boy 'It's Over'

K, now this is a tune, Rich Boy. From the look of things, this song might have been released before the Pacc Man mixtape, but I just caught it right now. Sue me late police.

Rich Boy spits some typical Rich Boy stuff, brimming full of fierce energy and confidence despite the fact that he's mining well-worn territory, flossing the good life in your face: cars, chauffeurs, champagne et al. Atleast for me, with Rich Boy, its always been less about the content, and more about how he delivers it. That being said, I find the song's opening bars demonstrating a hint of dry humour. The following is spit with a straight face: "Apologizing to you haters, forgive me I'm sorry/For disrespecting everybody and driving ferraris." Grrr, I ride public transportation dude. Anyways, I think that kind of lighthearted smugness deserves an asshole LOL. An ASSHOLOL, if you will.

Now Rich Boy's cool and all but make no mistake though, the spacey Drumma Boy beat is here to win your hearts. I especially like how well-restrained it stays during the verses -There's lots of cool shit going on but it stays sneakily subtle for the most part, the twinkles never overpowering the beat, the airy guitar licks continuing to quietly noodle and build before fizzling into the now trademark Drumma Boy lazergasm. And you think its over but then BOOM! SURPRISE! The mighty chorus arrives in spectacularly grand fashion, all glitz and glory, gliding in slow motion, riding right past us unworthy haters. And poof, its over. Gone. It didn't even nod at our general direction, dude! The nerve!

Pssh asshole beat thinks its better than ME. I don't need that bourgie beat anyway.

*Quietly hits replay*

PS. Track was spotted over at Traps N Trunks, where you can
copp a zshare download. (You obviously do, hater, don't lie)


Daniel said...

Great description of Drumma Boy's production, especially the word "lazergasm," which captures what's great about a lot of trance rap. But I kind of thought the production was a little too restrained, and as currently uncool as he is, I prefer Rich Boy rapping over Polow Da Don beats.

Jay Deff Kay said...

Thanks man. You're way too kind. I might have to kill you like I do with everyone who pays me compliments. Its this weird behaviour trait I have. Don't ask.

As for the description: I'm really completely clueless about music and instruments and production techniques in general (I couldn't even tell snares from bass to 808s etc), so I pretty much stick to what I think stuff sounds like and describing how it feels.

Down with all you articulate mofos, I'm here to bring idiocy into blogging.

Jay Deff Kay said...

P.S I can see Polow come up with a beat just like this one don't you? I liked the song as I mentioned but yeah obviously Polow and Rich Boy are a great team.

I do think Rich Boy prefers Polow-style beats, and he's just taken it upon himself towards presenting himself with that modern hip hop aesthetic, with or without Polow.

He's not one of those rappers who'd release an album that has like a swizz beatz track, followed by a just blaze track, followed by a Runners beat. I cant picture him as the type that merely seeks to link up with whatever producer's hot at the moment.

He seems to have a strong idea of the sound he's chasing, and how he wants to represent himself

Jordan said...

Hah, I'm similarly idiotic, need to get way better when talking about instruments.

One thing about Rich Boy is he started out making beats, and produced "The Madness" and co-produced a couple songs on his album, so maybe he's as important an influence on Polow as as Polow is on him? After all, Polow started off as a rapper with Jim Crow. Or at least, I'd imagine Rich Boy has clear ideas on what he'd want the music he's rapping over to sound like.

Daniel said...

The thing I like about Polow Da Don--and it's something I think bugs a lot of people--is that he's not afraid to make these cheesy, filter disco like beats. Those kinds of beats can go a long way in making just plain competent rappers sound incredibly urgent. It's this kind of urgency I like in Rich Boy's rapping, but it seems to be missing from a lot of his new stuff, except for maybe like "Don Dada."

Jay Deff Kay said...

"One thing about Rich Boy is he started out making beats, and produced "The Madness" and co-produced a couple songs on his album, so maybe he's as important an influence on Polow as as Polow is on him? "

WHAT? Believe it or not, I did not know that Rich Boy produced The Madness. Certainly a feather in his cap. His history as a producer, another thing I didn't know about, certainly does explain the strong ear for beats

Daniel:I like Polow too. Even some of his cheesy stuff. But I'm hoping he lives up to the immense potential that stuff like Throw Some D's hinted at. He seems to be on auto pilot the last couple of times I heard him.