Sunday, April 19, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Soulja Boy feat. Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo 'Gucci Bandana'

So over the weekend, Jordan's twitter alerted me towards the fact that Soulja Boy's 'Gucci Bandana' finally got a video. My weekend just went from awesome to awesomer there.

Quick thoughts:

1) The piano stab beat might be basic, but it means business.

2) Soulja Boy does a pretty good job of holding his ground against his idol. Given the timing of Gucci's release from jail, I'm sure many of us are tempted to write this off as a case of Soulja piggybacking off of Gucci's buzz, but Gucci has just as much, if not more, to gain via the exposure of this collabo. This is definitely one of the tracks that has me questioning my avoidance of 'iSouljaboytellem'.

3) Now onto Gucci. I think we've heard waaay more fun and engaging performances from him, but right now its just hard to ignore the excitement that he brings to the table just by being there. And I have to co-sign the
observation that he seems strangely humble and genuinely shy and overwhelmed at the batshit crazy hypestorm celebrating his return. He just seems so much more subdued than what you'd typically expect from a rapper of the moment, no? Self assured maybe, but almost like a talent show contestant who just stumbled onto stardom. Then again, maybe we should know better than to expect a typically obvious, over-the-top, Welcome Back video moment from him. The scene from the video at 0.39 secs, where Gucci raises his Gucci bandana steadily in the air, is all he probably needs to say to both his well-wishers and his haters. Bandana fluttering freely in the wind and in your face. It's understated but yknow powerful & triumphant at the same time.

4) The OJ Da Juiceman-style abrupt Ays. Who did that? I assumed it was Soulja Boy aping OJ when I first heard it, but now I'm not sure. I don't see OJ in the vid, do you? Anyway, this might as well be the star player on the beat. Call OJ a one trick pony if you must but geez what a trick. That Ay is so very full of life. Dripping with happiness and excitement and fear and anger and paranoia and get the picture. Its kinda like what I expect Guantanomo Bay prisoners to sound like when their testicles get torture zapped. I meant that in a good way but it came out all wrong. Sorry, no disrespect to anyone.

5) Let's talk about Shawty Lo. Actually let's not. Someone pass the poor guy a Halls mint. But no water. You know his type multiplies with that.

6) I had originally intended to add an awesome Soulja Boy-related anecdote here, but I don't like seeing long posts, so I'll leave that out for now. Another post maybe.

7) I do not have a bandana on me, so when I rock to this joint in my room I'll be swag splashing with my bath towel, thank you very much

8) Gucci Bandana. Gucci Gucci Bandana Ay! Gucci Bandana. Gucci Gucci Bandana Ay!


Jordan said...

I think those Ays are OJ. My theory is that one studio session, OJ laid down a track composed entirely of Ays and Gucci stole the tape and uses it whenever he sees fit.

Jay Deff Kay said...

"I think those Ays are OJ. My theory is that one studio session, OJ laid down a track composed entirely of Ays and Gucci stole the tape and uses it whenever he sees fit."

You wanna take that theory and blend it with my Guantanomo Bay allusion? Lets do this! So Gucci traps OJ in his studio, straps him up to an electric chair, hits record and then lets the tape run. Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!

In all seriousness, I'm surprised OJ isn't on the vid if it is his adlibs on there. I mean Gucci's been pretty generous with letting him share the spotlight. I find OJ more likeable than Soulja Boy.

Have you heard Gucci's shirt off remix w/ OJ? OJ kinda wins w/: "Your girl see my chain and the bitch done got the hiccups"