Friday, April 10, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: feat.Young Noble "My S.W.A.G Is Up"

Ayee Ayeeee Ayeeee Ayeeee. WhatWhatWhatWhat!

Oh hai there, didn't notice you were waiting. I was just jamming to my latest fucking jam,'s 'My Swag Is Up'. Yeah man, I really did mention the word 'jam' in relation a Dead Prez-related track. Yes I used 'swag' unironically. Yeah, it is 2009. No, I haven't been downing NyQuil again. Jeez what's with all these weird questions, B? I need to get back to jamming to my fucking jam.

So now I feel like a total douchebag and a half for ignoring's solo debut, 'Manhood' (yknow the one with
the cover that matches the pause-worthiness of its title? I know atleast 2 reliable people who said it was actually worth my time). My excuse is decent: Back when 'Hip Hop' first hit the tv screens, I was like "Oh shit, new favourite rap group alert." But then these guys just fucked their momentum up, release after release. Its not even the preachy politics that bothered me. I can live with that. Hell, if I can rock to well-crafted coke rap, I'm sure I can rock to well-crafted down-with-the-establishment, conspiracy theorist rap. Its just the quality of music that kept disappointing. I was like, why is supposedly militant music sounding so limp and passive? But enough of me bitching. Let's celebrate the good times at hand.

I am seriously feeling this track you guys. I'm such a sucker for those strings. Lyrically, ditches the protestor bark for smooth persuasion- There's no finger pointing or admonishment or condescension of any kind. Instead, there is a celebration around the joys of liberation. He's nourished by knowledge. His heart beats courage. He's focussed, feeling good vibrations. His Swag is Up. He realizes that you've all been grinding hard for your own personal advancement, and so sometimes its all about taking your shirt off and toasting the good life. Let's do this!

Young Noble, from the fucking Outlawz, shows up for some reason. He's not bad. I like the 'You ain't gotta like it, just respect the game, how I shine so bright without rocking a chain' line despite its borderline cliche-ness. I'm glad he's having a good time. I do, however, disapprove of him repping a glass of white wine. Duuuude! How're you gonna show up in a dead prez-affiliated video and go for the WHITE wine. SMH.

Anyways , I sorta really hate myself for making you read so much when all you really should be doing is jamming to this fucking jam. So please, just hit play.

Sticman raps, "My mojo up, I'm doing my thang/I got that glow, I'm on my game/ I'm blowin on haze, my future so bright, I gotta rock my shades." YES! CO-SIGN (except the smoking, I have allergies. Sorry)

My Swag is up. My Swag is Up. Say Whaaaaattt!

P.S Video was spotted at Nah Right, where you can peep
more details


Daniel said...

I like the song, but that video is just terrible. Those "photographers" at the video shoot look bored as hell and the whole thing has that lame "Thank God we rented an HD camera" look that so many rap videos have nowadays.

Do you know what S.W.A.G. is an acronym for?

Jay Deff Kay said...

"I like the song, but that video is just terrible."

Harsh dude. Its a recession. I think its alright. Its obviously got the look of a low budget video going for a high budget sheen, but it doesn't stray too far from its means. No corny ass 3-D/green screen endeavours thank god. Just some plain ol posing in front of plain ol backgrounds. I personally wouldn't have complained too much if they stuck with that dark red background.

"Do you know what S.W.A.G. is an acronym for?"

No. I just kept waiting for him to drop some made up backronym, but no, it doesn't seem like there's one. Maybe he's suggesting that S.W.A.G, like life, is whatever you choose to make it.


Daniel said...

Maybe I was a little harsh, but I think the video slightly ruined a pretty good song.

In corporate/movie star terms, SWAG is an acronym for Stuff (or Shit) We All Get. That could kinda apply to the song if it's about general uplift.

Jay Deff Kay said...

In corporate/movie star terms, SWAG is an acronym for Stuff (or Shit) We All Get. That could kinda apply to the song if it's about general uplift.

Are you saying that I did not BLOW YOUR MIND????

Yeah that swag definition works too (though obviously not as mindblowing as mine), especially with the ending of the song having lines like "when i shine, you shine"