Saturday, May 30, 2009

PSA: Cadence Weapon - Poet Laureate

Cadence Weapon - In Search of the Youth Crew (Afterparty Babies, 2008)

So in case you haven't heard - Rollie Pemberton aka rapper Cadence Weapon just got sworn in as the 'Poet Laureate' for the city of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada). Congratulations homie. I'm really glad. Now don't get me wrong: I'm not the type of person who looks for rap to be validated by the art critic community at large. Fuck that insecure shit in a diarrhetic butthole. I am, however, happy for any type of recognition or exposure this guy gets.

The main reason I even posted this news article is to remind you to get off that NyQuil coz you are seriously sleeping if you aren't up on this guy (Pause?). I really enjoyed his debut 'Breaking Kayfabe' but it was his sophomore album 'Afterparty Babies' that totally won me over. Dude brought his boombox to the rave and it was a totally smashing mix of electro and hip-hop. Hands down, one of my favourite hip hop records of '08. While his technical rap skills might not blow you away, I doubt you can really front on the refreshing perspectives he kicks in his rhymes. I hope people remember him for being more than the guy that rapped:
"I can’t work day to day and live and starve in the lunchline /
That’s why my shows last longer than a Talib Kweli punchline /
I rap into the next bar like a Talib Kweli punchline /
But I make no sense like a Talib Kweli punchline.”

I can understand why that line's stuck in your head though. Anyways, in honour of his award, here are a random couple of my favourite lyrics from Afterparty Babies

"Now girls love to be photographed/ That's a fact that can't be argued by the constraints of feminism in society/
It's not that far from how everyone's a DJ /
or how every single party is destined to be great"

"Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was my idea!"

I could go on and on but I'm tired and lazy. I highly recommend that you peep his discography as soon as you get the chance.

Cadence Weapon is currently working on his third album "Roquentin", which apparently takes its title from the work of Jean-Paul Sartre. ExistentiaLOL. Can't Wait.


Daniel said...

I'm still blown by this. I remember being a really big fan of his reviews for Pitchfork, especially this hilarious one he did of this Def Jux compilation where he made a ton of fun of El-P, which is always welcome.

I should get one of his albums, if for nothing else than those dead on Talib Kweli disses.

Jay Deff Kay said...

Afterparty Babies should be a fun start.

He also has a pay-as-much-as-you-want-to mixtape compilation of a bunch of new tracks, mixes, collabos etc called Separation Anxiety that you can cop via his website