Sunday, May 24, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Cory Gunz "Time Keeps Ticking"

Ever since his big break on Wayne's original version of 'A Millie', I've been waiting for Cory Gunz to win me over completely (Pause?). Dude's been doing his thing for a minute on the mixtape circuit (a cursory glance at DatPiff tells me he's been doing this atleast since 06), but he never did release a definitive mixtape or album I could whole heartedly cosign. He might not be the most charismatic member of the Freshmen class of '09, but he certainly can rap, as evidenced by several promising singles strewn across the blogosphere every other month. His awesome "Bad Freestyle Part 2" was the last notable one I remember. Hopefully his upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape is able to effectively distill his potential and remove all the "underachiever" whispers floating around him.

"Time Keeps Ticking" is off of the upcoming "Gangsta Grillz - Heir to The Throne" mixtape btw. Gunz does his whole tongue-twister-friendly rap, this time opting for a more moody, restrained flow than usual. Vinny Idol's claustrophobic beat swoops in for the win though. That bassline, those drums! Something wicked this way comes, dudes.

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