Friday, May 8, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: DJ Paul feat. Lord Infamous "Internet Whore"

I would’ve posted this much earlier had I not been out of commission from the conscious world for the past few days courtesy of a flu that contained high traces of bitchassness. This week's schedule has pretty much been all about two teaspoons of robitussin & 10 hours of slumber on the daily. Just a day in the life of a teenage Juelz Santana basically.

"Scale-a-ton" has been the soundtrack to my recovery. God bless DJ Paul and all the demons he fucks with. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this record to drop and so it feels totally weird watching it drop outta nowhere this week. Blog props for The Cool Kids’ new mixtape but no promo whatsoever for a fucking DJ Paul album??? Explain yourself, internet! Whatevs, your loss.

This album is on some seriously dependable shit. The deceptively simple art of combining good beats with great hooks. Three 6 is back at it. Given the fact that I have quite a few faves at this point, I’ve been flip flopping all week with regards to what track to post. But since this is a blog, I figured a ghoul-ish track titled ‘Internet Whore’ would be pretty apt.

Chorus goes: “I met her on myspace, found her on facebook / got head on youporn, (something something something)/ she’s an internet whore, you can enter that whore”

Is DJ Paul celebrating promiscuous women easily accessible via the internet or commenting on the impermanence of our relationships via the web? Is it about sexual sluts carelessly giving up their bodies and their morals or about mental sluts recklessly releasing obscene amounts of personal information via social networking sites? Which side are you on? What have you compromised recently?

OK. Fine, fiiiine. I’ll put the Robotussin away.

Anyways, bump this album coz DJ Paul’s back. Just. Like. That.


Daniel said...

DJ Paul needs to stop fronting--he goes to Starbucks all the time and not just for the hot college girls.

This is usually the kind of boneheaded Three Six song I would hate (as opposed to the ones I would usually like, like the crazy good "U Don't Want It") but I find all the references so dorky (DSL, PCs, Facebook) it's kind of charmingly slimy.

Jay Deff Kay said...

"DJ Paul needs to stop fronting--he goes to Starbucks all the time and not just for the hot college girls."

Are you insinuating that DJ Paul is a Green Tea Frapucchino-sipping Starbucks regular?? But yeah I found that line hilarious, especially since he felt the need to self consciously clarify with "I know what you thinking, why did I say the Starbucks?"

I, for one, look forward to a more tolerant society in the future, one where a pimp is not judged for holding a grande mocha instead of a diamond-studded pimp juice chalice.

Jordan said...

Sad news for DJ Paul

Anyway yeah that self consciousness is hilarious, cuz it's not like triple six members are self conscious about anything else.