Saturday, May 16, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: DJ Quik & Kurupt "9x`s Outta 10"

Damn. These mofos came out with We the West t-shirts??? Plagiarism I say! Ever since Khaled came out with We the Best tees, I've been talking about this idea of selling XXL tees that had We The Chest stencilled across the chest area (obviously). I also had a women's line called We The Breast. I had all my bases covered. We the Chest would have joined the late night infomercial pantheon with the Snuggie and Shamwow. This was supposed to be my moment to get rich quick.

But alas. This destined-to-be-matheletes-anthem steals all my thunder. I've honestly not followed Kurupt's career to a T, but I've heard enough Death Row features to know that he means business. More importantly, Quik sounds like he's got a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. If
Hey Playa and 9 Xs Outta 10 are any indication, this record is gonna be a problem.

BlaQKout dropping sometime in 09. Get ready.

"Pretty soon the radiated mushrooms will radiate entire rooms / Go bananas, baboons / just STOP!" - Quik

PS Track spotted at
Dirty Glove Bastard

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