Saturday, May 2, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Juicy J feat. Project Pat & V Slash "Hoe Pulla"

This Juicy J and Project Pat mixtape 'Play Me Some Pimpin' has been out for about a week now. I'm certainly not losing my shit over it but it does do a good job of cobbling together some solid Three 6 Mafia-related singles that have leaked in loose formats in the recent months. Example: stuff like the 30 Inches remix w/ Gucci and that Alchemist track with Juvie is on here. Since people have written about such standouts, I'm gonna go with the Hoe Pulla track instead.

Now, to be honest, as much as I love a good Three 6 ruckus bringer, I enjoy one of their laid back, bluesy chillax sessions even better. And this is one of them. The chorus goes in hard, especially with Juicy J's Hoe Pulla claims blending so seamlessly with the Isaac Hayes sample. Gotta love him authoritatively preaching about "Anything on 30s is a Hoe Pulla" with
Hayes' 'Look of Love' floating across the background. Oh hip hop, don't you ever stop being cheeky. Don't you dare!

V-Slash, who appears often on this mixtape, is also on this song. He's alright. IMHO, he sounds a lot like DJ Paul, except younger and less hard (mega-pause?). Project Pat does this thing. Juicy J owns this track in my opinion by remaining ever the gentleman

"Wagon wheels sitting so tall, hoes smiling
Maybe you can lick my balls when I'm driving
Miss Carhopper, blow me pleeease
Silicone or reality, show me D's"

What? He said please. What more do you want? If you ask me, he's ready for an appearance on Oprah.

You can download the whole tape over at
Traps 'n Trunks. There's apparently a Juicy J solo album called 'Hustle Til I Die' coming out in June. Nice! Btw, where's that solo DJ Paul record you guys???

P.S Hearing that Isaac Hayes sample has me wanting to listen to a) Jay's 'Can I Live' b) an Isaac Hayes album. I think I'm gonna go ahead and do both.

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Anonymous said...

V Slash is a chick that verse is about being a dyke