Friday, May 29, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Lord Infamous, T-Rock & II Tone feat. Chamillionaire "Love my Whip"

If you've heard ‘Scale-a-Ton’, chances are pretty high that your fiend-meter is set on high @ the return of Lord Infamous. So get this: Apparently Lord Infamous, T-Rock and II Tone actually have a collaboration album called "Blood Money" coming out soon. Yeah, you read right. Lord Infamous AND T-Rock. I guess Three 6 and T-Rock have buried the hatchet on their beef? Eitherway, this has all the makings of a major problem right here. This track finds both in fine form here, manipulating melody and double-time raps effortlessly. I don't know anything about II Tone, and am not too motivated to dig further based on his performance on this. He maintains the track's tempo well enough but he doesn’t leave an outstanding impression against the heavyweights he’s up against.

Chamillionaire kinda wins this round by gliding oh-so-smoothly across the beat with his track-opening verse. Excerpt: “Run up on me with your piece, and that’s what you gonna rest as/ Rest in/ Bet that/Presto poof!/ That fast.” Prediction: You do not make it through to the rest of the song coz you keep slapping rewind on Cham's verse. Place your bets.

The Ritalin-sponsored child choir chorus is sorta suspect – Two questions:
1) Who let their kids step into a studio with Lord Infamous?
2) When little kids yelp about loving their whip, don’t you assume it’s about Miracle Whip? I certainly do but given my rich, creative history of mayo consumption, I understand if you accuse me of being biased.

So yeah, the chorus is kinda meh. But yknow what? The verses are worth the wait.

Hope the album brings more heat. BLAY!

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