Saturday, May 16, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Dro feat. Yung LA "Take Off"

You know the sound (Take off) Keeeeeyyaaaaoooowwww, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyaaaaooow.


Regardless of late or not, you know I just had to post this right? Swangerrr Management has a spiritual and moral obligation towards posting Young Dro tracks. So one of the few thoroughly enjoyable tracks off of Dro's disappointing Black Boy, White Boy mixtape gets a video. It's apparently the lead single for Dro's forthcoming P.O.L.O album as well. Fingers crossed tighter.

As its a track titled "Take Off", there's quite a few pharmaceutical-themed quotables in here including: "Young Dro in the club, my wrist cost a hundred rats / When I pop a pill, I take off like the Thundercats" and "I fuck with kush so much, I had Amsterdam children"

Yung LA, T.I and a 'Catch Me if You Can' video theme appear. Just because. Don't ask questions. It's a Dro video. Actually if I may, I have three questions:

1) I noticed that the passport that Dro decided to manipulate his image on in the beginning of the vid @ 0.19 secs was the passport of an old white dude who was born in Armenia in "01 Jan 1950." Do y'all think that Dro can get a pass as a 59 year old Armenian-born American?
2) In the vid, is Dro being chased by the feds or the Blues Brothers?
3) Speaking of the Catch Me If You Can video theme, would T.I, Dro and LA have gotten away from the feds (like they did in this video) had Alfamega been present in their posse?

That is all.

P.S Video spotted at Nah Right.

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