Saturday, June 13, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Jackie Chain "Diamonds and Cadillacs"

I was wary of posting this shit since you've probably already caught it tanning itself under glowing reviews on tastemaker blogs like Traps N Trunks or Blvd Street. I was like: I have nothing new to add here, so why bother posting it? But then I realized that I just LOVE this song and that just the mere act of posting it would bring me lots of joy. And since this blog has always been about me and not you, here it is. Bite me naysayer!

So much radness to absorb here:

1) The beat! Those guitars, those strings, that thump! Producer of this beat: Identify yourself or forever face my wrath!
2) Jackie Chain's vocals: syrupy swing and southern twang gels so well with this beat.
3) The fact that Jackie Chain looks like he does. You know what he reminds me of? That one Simpsons episode where they decided to introduce that
Cool Dog into the Itchy & Scratchy show. Jackie Chain = Human incarnation of Poochie. Disagree? Liar, liar, pants on fire.
4) Also dude is Asian? I thought hip hop was done with its Asian inclusion affirmative action quota after Jin joined Ruff Ryders (FreestyLOL). Plus I thought rappers referring to their marijuana-assisted states of mind as "chinky" counted too.
N-E-ways, it is a big deal for my racist ass to be bumping some sorta-Asian guy's music coz as you all know, ever since Grade 11, I've been prepping myself for the inevitable 2020 World Domination Olympics between India & China. Think of it as Terminator Salvation: Bollywood Edition. We might be outnumbered, but us Indians have a fair shot at defeating the Chinese because their robots are built by the same 3-year-old terrorist tots that make Happy Meal Toys. They hate to see us smile.

But yeah man. This song really makes me feel good. And regardless of whether you've already heard it or not, by the time you press play here, you'll feel the same way.

P.S Cop a download via Blvd Street.

P.P.S Maybe we should check out one of his mixtapes.
P.P.P.S UPDATE: The badass beat was apparently produced by DjayCas. Nicely done, sir.


Jordan said...

I hope Jackie Chain never has to leave to go to his planet

Jay Deff Kay said...

LOL. Totally forgot about that one. I think I'm gonna go rewatch that episode.

"Catch you on the flipside, dudemeisters. Not! And remember, kids, always recycle, to the extreme! Busted!"

brandon said...

I like that he's hollering at a girl that looks like Gwen Stefani--like a mildly idiosyncratic taste in women there Jackie, good look.

Jay Deff Kay said...

"I like that he's hollering at a girl that looks like Gwen Stefani--like a mildly idiosyncratic taste in women there Jackie, good look."

Its a good point that I agree with. However, we must also keep in mind that by spitting the lines "All about my money, sunglasses armani," his only other rhyme option was "about to holler at this bitch who look like Rudy Guiliani"