Saturday, June 6, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: London feat. Lil Wayne: "B4 U Go"

So, it's hard to argue against the fact that R&B's been running shit for a while now. Back in the 90s, R&B artists miming rapper steez wasn't uncommon. But now the tables have turned, and rappers seem to be cribbing notes from R&B in order to remain chart contenders. See: the fact that it is illegal in most states for you to release a rap album without a hook from Ne-Yo, Akon, T-Pain &/or The-Dream; the existence and success of 808s & Heartbreak; the fact that everyone's clearing their schedules as Jigga bravely attempts to set a date for auto-tune's funeral. Btw, rappers beefing against autotune reminds me. This one time in kindergarten I fought a girl. And I won! In your whiny-ass face, JJ! There's no way in hell you were gonna get that last cherry-crowned slice of the birthday cake. No way, no how. Cry me a river and wipe those crocodile tears on that ridiculously frilly birthday frock of yours, poser!

Moving on. This song might not be the greatest way to justify my pointless half-rant. I don't think the song's blown up quite yet. Minus one weird line in the intro, it doesn't even have any autotune. But it is R&B, and it does have Wayne rapping (sans autotune + a really fun first verse). Plus lots of heavy synth. I'm a fan of all of the above obviously.

P.S Cop a
zshare from Nah Right
P.P.S I can't find his myspace but
Southern Hospitality's post on this track reveals a few details about London's geographically-challenged existence: London is actually from Oakland but currently residing in Atlanta. Jeez.
P.P.P.S I just realized the acronym for the song spells B.U.G. Just thought you should know.


Daniel said...

That's such an awesome beat--too bad it gets wasted on such limp singing. This London dude reminds me of why I dislike at least 70% of current R & B; he's all breathy and using tons of melisma, but it doesn't sound like he's actually in pain. Do you know who produced this?

Jay Deff Kay said...

Yeah I think he could gone a little harder with the vocals. It does sorta pick up around the chorus, so I'm not too pissed.

xclusivezone's post indicates its his first single off his album "London land" and its produced by "Ric & Pres"