Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Dro "On Fire"

Young Dro! Ay! You know the deal, don't play. This track is most likely a leak off of P.O.L.O (chorus shouts out the album title after all). While it's not as great as "Clean With it" or "Dro Rock Diamonds," it's far from shabby. Nah Right also posted another single ("You Nasty") off the album that arguably has got more interesting production but it has an Akon hook that sounds like ..an Akon hook. So yknow... Sidenote: Why Akon, my dude? Investing heavily in Croc (NYSE: CROC) stocks have better payoff prospects. I mean seriously, what kind of cache does Akon have in 09? Maybe tweens who know him as the dude that brayed "WOOOHOOOO YEEEHOOOO" like a castrated mule on that one Gwen Stefani track might be intrigued, but I don't know if that's the target market you're chasing. Akon on the other hand. But I digress.

This Jim Jonsin-produced joint is cartoonishly upbeat but Dro's flow makes sure it doesn't drift totally into Corny Central. Chorus is a winner too. No major eyebrow-raisers or grin-stretchers here but Dro's joy and energy remains intact.

I personally hope for waay higher highs when P.O.L.O finally drops but as for now, I'm not mad at all.

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