Sunday, July 19, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Young Chris "A Class of My Own"

I have a shitload of family in Philly. Most of them are uncles who are pretty much how do I phrase this politely...savage beasts. Seriously. A lot of them have mad amounts of extremely distracting curly hair coming out of their chests and ears. To make matters worse, they're the types who use their index fingers to further curl their curly chest and ear hair when they talk to you. They're also the types to grab a random pen off your desk to dig out their earwax. And they don't even bother to clean your pen after they're done. They just brazenly leave the pen back on your desk with these huge globs of earwax stuck to it. Grossfest y'all! I can't wait to go back to Philly next summer.

Anyways, I just mention this to force an introductory segway into another savage beast from Philly - Young Chris. I only started paying attention to him in the last couple of years so I don't know if he was any good in Rocafella's heyday. The only reason I was aware of this guy was coz a bunch of my buds back in the day used to make a ton of shitty "Man, Young Chris is gonna turn into Old-Ass Senile Chris in Rocafella's waiting rooms." I also remember overhearing a bunch of nerdy rap discussions about whether Jay-Z swiped Young Chris' flow wholesale.

Eitherway, it's been real interesting to watch this guy slowly build up his own lane in the last year or so. Here he is just spitting Illadelph raps and ripping apart Asher Roth's "Lark on my Go Kart" beat. No hook, no chorus. Fabulous. I'm definitely amped about his upcoming Network mixtape.

P.S Vid was spotted at
Grand Good.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Willie Isz "The Grussle"

So much new oldpeoplerap in my headphones these days. If you weren't aware of this 'Georgiavania' record before, you probably took notice when Noz rightfully put bloggers on blast for ignoring the latest records from Blaq Poet and Willie Isz. I'm not a Goodie Mob stan, and so while 'Georgiavania' was faintly on my "must check out" radar, I wasn't actively waiting for it to drop. But anyways, since it was a relatively slow couple of months for rap releases, I decided to give this record a shot. I'm glad I did.

Since I dived into this record with no expectations whatsoever (right after spending a few spins with the BlaqPoet record), I totally got bitchslapped by its weirdness. While the Blaq Poet record shoves us down to the concrete, Willie Isz invites flight. Like, honestly, the real reason I didn't write anything about this record last week was because I was just trying to focus and wrap my head around it, as opposed to just scratching my head with my jaws wide open. But now that its sunk in, I must say I like it. It's not flawless, but it is impressive, especially considering how the raps stay strong and steady amidst all the experimentation.

Thought I'd ease any still-hesitant listeners out there into this record by posting "The Grussle", probably one of the more accessible joints on this album. You gotta hand mad props to anyone who maintains their gangsta around these maudlin violins. Try mean mugging to square dancing music before you judge. Khujo is solid throughout the album. This Jneiro Jarel cat is cool too (I still do, however, feel that we all need to exercise a healthy amount of discrimination against anyone whose first name starts with two consecutive consonants. YOU CAN ONLY RUN & HIDE FOR SO LONG, DJIMON HONSOU!)

So yeah, give this record a shot. That is all.

P.S Anyone know who this "Willie Isz" character is? I sorta tried to decipher the conceptual backstory from the album but all I got was: "What it does is what it is, so Willie Isz is what it was" Thanks a bunch for the clarification, Khujo *bangs head on wall*

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Anal-ytical Appreciation: Gucci Mane feat. Juelz Santana & Big Boi "She Gotta Friend"

This video's been out for a minute, the song has been out even longer. I think we can all agree that Gucci's the highlight here.

That being said, I only post this video so that I can document & record the brilliance that occurs at 0.14-0.40 secs of this video - Here we get the privilege of watching Gucci and OJ giddily throw down 'bows in the backseat of their Benz. Mischievous glee or pure joy? Are they rejoicing about the women they've got? The money, the cars, the jewels? Are they laughing because they heard a preview of the Skull Gang record? Did they have a McFlurry for breakfast? Did they pull a fast one on us? Did they get exactly what they wanted for Christmas? Whatever it might be, shit is pretty cute. I mean jeez, how're you gonna hate on that kind of happiness? I mean it's cool with me if you wanna play up your haughty, calculated cool when you brandish your success at this cruel world, but this kind of celebration right here is what your life should be all about. Basically: When it comes to success, don't just drop dollars, drop 'bows! LET'S DO THIS.

P.S I celebrated the same way when I found that Twizzler Nibs were back on sale at WalMart. Nibs & I are MAJOR.
P.P.S Video spotted over at
Traps N Trunks.