Saturday, July 4, 2009

Anal-ytical Appreciation: Gucci Mane feat. Juelz Santana & Big Boi "She Gotta Friend"

This video's been out for a minute, the song has been out even longer. I think we can all agree that Gucci's the highlight here.

That being said, I only post this video so that I can document & record the brilliance that occurs at 0.14-0.40 secs of this video - Here we get the privilege of watching Gucci and OJ giddily throw down 'bows in the backseat of their Benz. Mischievous glee or pure joy? Are they rejoicing about the women they've got? The money, the cars, the jewels? Are they laughing because they heard a preview of the Skull Gang record? Did they have a McFlurry for breakfast? Did they pull a fast one on us? Did they get exactly what they wanted for Christmas? Whatever it might be, shit is pretty cute. I mean jeez, how're you gonna hate on that kind of happiness? I mean it's cool with me if you wanna play up your haughty, calculated cool when you brandish your success at this cruel world, but this kind of celebration right here is what your life should be all about. Basically: When it comes to success, don't just drop dollars, drop 'bows! LET'S DO THIS.

P.S I celebrated the same way when I found that Twizzler Nibs were back on sale at WalMart. Nibs & I are MAJOR.
P.P.S Video spotted over at
Traps N Trunks.


Daniel said...

Gucci really is the highlight of this song. I was shocked at how kind of mediocre Big Boi's verse was. It wasn't terrible, but it you'd think he'll be able to run circles around Santana and Gucci. Have you noticed on newer Gucci songs he's enunciating more? Hopefully this trend will continue.

Jay Deff Kay said...

Yeah I pretty much cosign your comment abt Big Boi's verse. He seems more like he's just trying to fit in with Gucci's crowd, rather than grabbing the room's attention like you'd expect him too

I didn't specifically notice that abt Gucci, but it makes sense that he'd polish some of his work given his hype right now and the fact that he needs to release an official album soon. Hopefully he doesn't lose the brilliant abandon that makes his mixtape work so fascinating